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Holiday Computer Tips

Here are some tips to help keep your computers safe during the holiday season:

  • Avoid leaving any electronic device with an LCD screen, such as notebook computers and cell phones, in a cold vehicle or other unheated area. During the winter, temperatures can drop to levels that can cause permanent damage to the screens.
  • When bringing electronics from a cold environment to a warm one, give them plenty of time to warm up before turning them on. Turning them on early can cause condensation to form on the internal boards. This can short them out or cause corrosion that will bring problems down the road. 
  • Travel can be rough on electronics. Carry your computer in a bag designed to protect it.
  • When traveling through airports, have some type of label on your computer to help prevent it from getting mixed up with others when going through security checkpoints.
  • If you plan to use Wi-Fi service at an airport, be wary of the free offerings. Check with an airport information counter to find out what Wi-Fi networks are legitimate.
  • As our email inboxes swell with greetings and sales advertisements, they also fill with phishing emails attempting to imitate these holiday messages. Be wary of any email you receive, even those that appear to be from friends or family, that encourage you to click on a link or open an attachment.
  • Keep a backup copy of your important files at home. You never know when your computer might get lost, stolen or damaged.

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