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Giving Permission for Others to Use Your Photos

NDSU Agriculture and Extension uses a Creative Commons license to share our knowledge and some resources. Others are encouraged to use the information, photos, graphics and more as long as they follow our rules of use. These are:

  • Properly attribute the work (attribution)
  • Don’t make money from NDSU work (noncommercial)
  • Give others permission to use their version of the NDSU work (share alike)

Carl Dahlen, NDSU
So, for example, if someone contacts you and wants to use a photo that’s on your website or in your booklet, you’re welcome to explain to them that they may use it as long as they attribute NDSU and hopefully the photographer and they don’t sell the photo itself. No problem if they’re selling a book and this is just one of many photos in the book.

They’re welcome to use their own style for attribution: simply “NDSU” on or next to the photo, “photo courtesy of NDSU,” “photo by Carl Dahlen, NDSU,” whatever.

If, however, someone else sees the photo in their publication and wants to use it in a way that falls outside the permissions given in our Creative Commons license, the requester must come back to the original source – in this case NDSU – for permission. The person or organization that used NDSU’s photo cannot give permission for someone else to use it commercially or without attribution. NDSU is the copyright holder of the photo.

If an author must have more in writing rather than just a reference to our Creative Commons website, the request may be sent to

, Ag Communication Director, (701) 231-7875

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Creative Commons License
Feel free to use and share this content, but please do so under the conditions of our Creative Commons license and our Rules for Use. Thanks.