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Email Etiquette

We all use email so much that we almost take it for granted and write messages so quickly that we often don't think before hitting "send."

Target your emails as much as possible. Use the list on our password-protected Ag Info Center to find the email lists that go to exactly the people you want to reach. Really think before sending to an "all" list. The "allag" email list truly goes to everyone under the umbrella of the Vice President for Agricultural Affairs. Does the family and consumer sciences agent in Stark-Billings county want to receive your campus seminar information? Does the ABEN administrative assistant really need to know about a 4-H program? Even with the "allext" and "all-exp" lists, think about if all those people need the information. Instead, use the other list options to more directly reach your target audience.

Give your email a specific description in the subject line. Recently I've received messages with the subject "question," "you are invited," "save the date" and "Friday seminar." Vague subject lines like these don't motivate people to open the messages and make it harder to retrieve them later. Also, don't leave the subject line blank since those messages rarely make it through the spam filters.

Write and design email messages for easy reading.

  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Use bullets.
  • Boldface a few important words or dates.
  • Start with the most important information then provide needed details.
  • Proofread and edit before sending.

Becky Koch, Ag Communication Director (701) 231-7875

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