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Current IT Updates

Here is some recent IT activity you may want to be aware of:

NDSU PEATS Anti-Phishing Team

Previously we had talked about the NDSU PEATS Anti-Phishing team and its efforts to educate people at NDSU about the dangers of phishing email messages.  Part of this education is a two phase project where fake phishing messages are sent out to better understand the impact of phishing at NDSU.

Recently, the first phase of email testing in the College of Ag, Extension and Experiment Station was successfully completed.  On average, only .93% of our folks fell for the email while the other NDSU test groups had an average of 3.88%.  Great job everyone!

Here are the full results; success is defined as the number of people that click on the link in the fake email message.

GroupEmails SentSuccessPercentage
College of Agriculture 233 0 0%
Extension 370 0 0%
AES Experiment Station 508 3 .59%
NCI 11 0 0%
Graduate Students 189 6 3.17%
Undergrads 310 6 1.94%

Office 365 Migration

In case you haven't already heard, the Office 365 migration has been temporarily delayed until the spring of 2017.  There has been no further word on whether data will be automatically transferred from OneDrive or SharePoint accounts.  For the latest information, please visit the NDSU Email and Office 365 Migration page.

Official Email addresses

Ag Comm Computer Services now has the email address for sending out announcements.  Similar in use to the address, this should help identify legitimate messages from ACCS.

ACCS Support Guidelines

ACCS has now posted their Computer Support Guidelines online.  These guidelines are not only meant to clarify support but also provide a list of available support services offered by ACCS.


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