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Copy and Paste vs. Insert

Do your logos and graphics look blurry when you add them to Word or PowerPoint? It’s time to change how you handle graphics! You will get the best quality images when you add your image using the “Insert” tab in your program rather than trying to copy and paste.

When you get a graphic emailed to you as an attachment, DO NOT double click on the file. The FIRST thing to do is right click on the file, select “Save As” and save the graphic to your computer. You can put it on your desktop or you can create a folder for your logos and graphics – either one works. Just be sure to put the graphic somewhere that you will be able to find it again. Save the files you download from the Internet here, too.

Next, open your Word or PowerPoint file. Click on the “Insert” tab across the top and select “Picture.” Browse to the location where you saved the graphic on your computer, select the file and click “Insert.” The image can now be resized as needed.

Why does this work better? Because when you double click a file to open it, it usually opens in a paint program or Windows viewer at a lower resolution. A copy and paste at this point means you are copying a lesser-quality image and getting less-than-great results.

So, start using “Insert” and say goodbye to copy and paste.

Deb Tanner, Graphic Designer, (701) 231-7891; David Haasser, Graphic Designer, (701) 231-8620

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