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Ag CMS and Microsoft Word

It's very common to want to take information created in Microsoft Word and put it into Ag CMS. This is easy enough to do, but there are some pitfalls. Microsoft Word is notorious for adding extra, "behind-the-scenes" information to the file that isn't needed. This makes the file size bigger than necessary, and on a slow connection, it can really impact the user's download speeds.

Rather than copy and pasting directly from Word into Ag CMS, there are a few extra, but easy, steps that you can take to strip out all that excess baggage. Those steps are outlined in the Ag CMS How-To Guide lesson on How Do I Copy Content From Microsoft Word into Ag CMS?
Follow the instructions to get the best results when bringing info over. Sometimes those extra, unnecessary codes can become a problem down the road.

There are other topics in the Ag CMS How-To Guide that could be just the little piece of information you've been looking for. Get familiar with what's available, so you'll know where to find it when you need it.

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