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A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

Nearly all of us carry a camera now since it's in our mobile devices, and most of us are getting better at remembering to take photos. Now let's focus on having those photos tell stories. Sometimes we have to shoot the obligatory photo of people lined up, but for websites, brochures, news releases and other uses, the photo should tell the story you're trying to communicate.

Aim for Action in Photos

You may be familiar with technical photo guidelines:

  • Rule of thirds
  • Leading lines
  • Depth of field
  • Framing
  • Cropping
  • Lighting

But to tell a story, also consider these guidelines:

  • Aim f
    Avoid Meeting Monotony in Photos
    or action: Are people doing something rather than just staring at the camera?
  • Focus on faces: Show people's expressions rather than their back sides.
  • Master meetings: Your story is not how many people are in the room, but instead what's happening. Zoom in to the speaker or activity and cut out the backs of a bunch of people.
  • Zoom and crop with your feet, not just the camera: Don't be shy. Move around to get up close and shoot from various angles.
  • Look for "extras:" Try to avoid distractions such as your shadow, a bright red exit sign or kids making goofy faces in photos.

Please send your "faculty and staff in action" photos to Ag Communication so we have them for Annual Highlights, social media, brochures, banners and other media.

, Ag Communication Director, 701-231-7875

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