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New Print & Copy Equipment Adds Efficiencies

Print and Copy Services has some new equipment to serve customers.window envelope

Inserter: This machine can fold multiple pages, insert them into an envelope and seal the envelope, saving lots of labor and frustration. It also can insert flat pages into larger envelopes. Save even more labor by including personalized addresses on the letter and using a window envelope so letters and envelopes don’t have to be matched.

Duplo: This machine cuts, scores and folds heavier paper. Cuts are consistent, and scores are correct so that when the paper is folded on the score, the color doesn’t crack.

Tabber: Now that the U.S. Postal Service requires folded mailings to be tabbed a specific way, this machine can quickly meet those guidelines. If you’re designing a piece to be mailed, be sure to call 231-2000 to make sure the piece is laid out to take advantage of postal discounts.

See more helpful hints for preparing your documents for Print and Copy Services.

Diane Ness, Customer Service Manager, (701) 231-9467; Chris Anderson, Production Manager, (701) 231-7410

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Use Calendars to Market Programs, Avoid Conflicts


Please enter your meetings and events (multicounty, regional, state and national that affect quite a few staff) on the Ag calendar. This will market your events on the public website but also help avoid internal conflicts.

The calendar is for specific dates. Do not list, for example, that your meetings are Feb. 12 – March 12 every Thursday at 7 p.m. Instead, each date must be entered.

Also, for statewide or major campus events, send details to Linda McCaw for the NDSU calendar that scrolls events on the home page.

Becky Koch, Ag Communication Director, 701-231-7875

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NDSU Ag Padfolios for Sale

large padfolioMarket NDSU, keep yourself organized and give these padfolios as thank-you gifts to speakers, supporters and others. The black padfolios are 9X11, have a small notepad and lots of pockets inside, and zip all the way around. Price is $11 each.

See marketing materials for pocket folders and notecards also for sale.

, Administrative Assistant, (701) 231-7881

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Avoid Vertical Video Syndrome

Vertical Video"Televisions are horizontal. Computer screens are horizontal. People's eyes are horizontal. We aren't built to watch vertical videos... Say no to vertical videos." These are lines from "Vertical Video Syndrome: A PSA" by Glove and Boots Video.

As you shoot video this summer of field operations, 4-H events and other activities, remember to shoot videos horizontally. Hold your phone steady with both hands horizontally.

For other video-shooting tips, see our video about "How to Capture Quality Video."

, Electronic Media Specialist, (701) 231-7953; , Electronic Media Specialist, (701) 231-7086

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Write the Right Word: Omitted Numbers

If you are writing in a more informal style, you can drop parts of dates as long as you are clear that you are talking about a year.

For example, you could call this year’s high school grads the class of ’15. Or you might refer to an entire decade: “Some call the ’50s the golden age of television.” The apostrophe replaces the 20 in 2015 and the 19 in 1950s.

You don’t need an apostrophe between the number and the “s” because you are not omitting anything. You also don’t need an apostrophe before numbers such as temperatures because you are not leaving out any figures. For example: “The temperature is expected to reach the upper 80s today.”

With some fonts, the apostrophe faces the wrong way, to the right, the first time you type it. So just hit the apostrophe key twice and delete the first one.

, information specialist, (701) 231-5391


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Use Anchors on Web Pages to Get the User to Your Content Faster

anchorIdeally, web content should be concise. Our online attention spans are short and people don’t like to scroll on their screens. But in Extension and research, sometimes content needs to include detailed information. Web page headings are a great way to break up content on a screen, and so are anchors.

Examples of anchors include County Office listings – just click on the first letter at the top of the page of the office you want to contact and you will be brought to the group of listings for that letter – no scrolling needed. Learn how to use anchors in Ag CMS.

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

, Web Technology Specialist, (701) 231-6403


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Write the Right Word: Quality

Have you ever heard someone say, “The choir gave a quality performance tonight”?

Unfortunately, you don’t have a clue about whether the performance was good or bad because, despite the way “quality” often gets used, it is not an adjective (a word that modifies a noun). “Quality” is a noun meaning the character or nature of something, so you need a modifier, such as “good,” “excellent” or “high,” to describe the kind of quality.

So you’d say: “I need to find good-quality child care” or “The choir gave a high-quality performance.”

But don’t forget that quality isn’t always good, so you need to add modifiers such as “poor” or “bad.” For example, “The excessive rain this spring could result in a poor-quality crop this year” or “This afghan didn’t turn out well because of the bad-quality yard I used.”

, Information Specialist, (701) 231-5391

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Bad Audio Can Ruin Good Video

BruceSoundIf you’ve recorded a video but the audio is too distracting because of wind or background noise, or you just can’t hear the subjects, here are some alternatives if re-recording is not an option.

Adding narration over the top of the video using basic video editing software like Windows Live Movie Maker is one option. In Movie Maker, you can reduce or turn off the recorded audio and add voiceover narration by recording it within Movie Maker or recording it with Sound Recorder on your computer and importing it into Movie Maker.

 Another option in Movie Maker is to add captions in the video where it is difficult to hear the audio.

 Here’s a 5-minute YouTube tutorial on getting started with Movie Maker.

 If you’ve already uploaded your video onto YouTube, you can add captions in hard-to-understand areas without having to edit and re-upload the video. Here are written and video instructions on how to add captions in YouTube.

 For more tips on recording good audio as well other recording video tips, see Ag Comm's video how to capture quality video.

 Scott Swanson, Electronic Media Specialist, (701) 231-7086

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Use Notifications to Respond to Facebook Comments and Messages

You’ve set up a Facebook Page and have been posting away, gaining Likes along the way. “Likes” are one thing, but they don’t necessarily mean engagement. When someone takes the time to “Comment” on your Post or directly “Message” you, Facebook sees this as engagement and will get you in their News Feed more prominently.  

What happens when someone posts on your Page or directly messages you? It’s important to respond as soon as you can, as
83% of Facebook users expect a response within a day. This sends out the message that you care about what you are posting about and what people’s reactions are. You care about the community you’ve built. If it takes awhile to respond or you don’t respond at all, trust is loss.

To be sure you’re not missing an opportunity to engage with your followers, make sure you have your “Notifications” set up. You can modify your notifications by either logging into Facebook or having them sent to your email. No matter which notification method you choose, you should check them at least once a day and respond if necessary.

Getting Notifications Through Facebook

When you log into Facebook, you will clearly see any notifications or messages that have been sent to you. They will be called out in red in two spots - in the notifications tab above your cover photo and in the globe icon in the upper right. You can choose to get notifications as they come in, or two to 4 times a day. In the example below there are two notifications. This is the same with messages. Some people prefer to use (direct) messages when they want to ask you something privately vs. putting it out on your public Page.


Getting Notifications Through Email

If you don’t log on to Facebook every day and are more easily accessible by email, you can get notifications and message that way instead of through Facebook. But be sure to check the email you use to sign in to Facebook, not necessarily your work email.

A Note About Pages with More than One Admin

If there’s more than one Facebook Admin on your Page, all of you would get the notification. If another Admin replied to the comment or message, you would also see that so there’s no need to worry about duplication.

Other Notifications

Many Notification types are available, as you can see below. You can choose which ones you want to be notified of.


Here’s an example of when you have all Notifications turned on. In this case, Shares, Page Likes, Photo Likes and Photo Comments display.

Notifications_002 pixelated.png

It’s important to stay part of the conversation on your Page and interact with your customers when they ask questions. This is what Facebook engagement is all about. Using notifications will ensure you’re not missing out. For more information about Facebook Notifications, see their Help Center or contact me.

Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist, (701) 231-6403.

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Printing PowerPoint Presentations to a Black and White Printer

Have you had trouble printing your PowerPoint presentation to a black and white printer? If you are using a dark background with white or a light-colored text, you can run into trouble getting a good result when printing.

Below is an example of printing to Pure Black and White - the Extension Service text will not print.

Example of poor printing when printing pure black and white

Below is an example of printing to Grayscale - in this case the text or copy will get lost in the dark background.

Example of printing using grayscale setting

Go to print (“File,” “Print”) and select the printer to which you will be sending the file. Now look under “Settings.” Select how many slides you want printed and how many you want to print on a page.

The last item under “Settings” will give you the opportunity to select how you want them printed (Color, Grayscale or Pure Black and White). For best results when printing slides with white or light text on a dark background, select “Color” from this drop-down menu, even if you’re printing to a black and white printer.

If you want a clean black text on a white background printout of your slides, select “Pure Black and White” from the drop-down menu. However, to get this function to work, you first must go to Microsoft Support . Click on the “Fix it” button and then click on “Run” in the File Download dialog box. Follow the steps in the “Fix it” wizard.

Once you have installed this fix successfully, you will need to restart PowerPoint. Open your presentation and go to Print again. This time, select “Pure Black and White” from the “Settings” drop-down menu. This setting now will drop the dark background and convert your light-colored text to black. However, there is a drawback to printing this way. If you have logos or other graphics that are light-colored, they still will print as a light color. For instance, a white NDSU Extension Service logo will print white and therefore not be visible in the printout.

David Haasser, Graphic Designer, (701) 231-8620

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