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6 Tips to Make Move-in Day Easier

Summer is winding down and the school year is nearly upon us, and so is move-in day. To make your transition into your new place a bit easier, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks just for you.

6 Tips to Make Move-in Day EasierBefore the Big Day

Pack your clothes on hangers. To make the most of your time, pack your clothes on hangers so you don’t waste your day hanging them all up. Plus, it makes it so much easier to move from one spot to the next. (phot of hung clothes wrapped in a garbage bag)

Pack your bedding last to unload it first. Pack your car so that your bedding is what you can grab first. Bring your mattress pad, bed bug protector, blankets, sheets and comforter in so that you can make the bed first. That way, you won’t have to worry about having all of your bedding on the floor, and you can use the bed as extra space for your things.

Plan ahead for your space.  Dorm room space is limited, so be creative with how you set things up. For example, if possible only bring one season of clothing and have parents bring back on a different weekend. This can save on closet space. Or look for items that may be dual purpose such as seating that is also storage.

When the Day Arrives

Prepare an overnight bag that is packed with your essentials. College move in day can be long, emotional, and stressful. Bring a bag with all of your essentials—a fresh shirt, deodorant, etc.—so that you don’t have to dig through boxes to find your toothbrush and pajamas when you’re ready to hit the hay.

Bring a cooler. Moving into your new living space will take time and energy. Pack a cooler with water and snacks to help keep you hydrated and energized.

Take the stairs...everyone else is trying to use the elevators. Not only will you avoid a long wait, you will get in a good workout too.


For more move-in day tips, check out #AdultingNDSU on Pinterest or Residence Life’s webpage

Nikki Johnson, MS, RD, LRD, Community Health and Nutrition Specialist

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