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3 Ways to Cut the Calories in Your Coffee

Coffee for many adults is a necessity. It provides us with the ability to power through the morning or to give us that extra pep for a long study session. Coffee and espresso, which are both made from coffee beans, have several perks besides the lovely caffeine. In fact, coffee and espresso are loaded with antioxidants, yet surprisingly low in calories….

Cut the Cals in Your CoffeeDespite the many wonders of coffee, many hand-crafted caffeinated beverages are laden with extra calories from fat and sugar. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to cut back on the excess without having to forgo your cup of joe.

1. Opt for low fat or fat free milk.

Most coffee shops use 2% milk when preparing your favorite drinks. By simply asking for non-fat milk, you can save yourself 50 calories on a 16 oz drink.

2. Swap your sweetener.

If you like lattes or fancy a frappuccino, syrup is added to either change or enhance the flavor of your drink. In a typical 16 oz flavored drink there is 1.5 oz of syrup. This equals approximately 7.5 teaspoons of sugar and 120 calories! To cut back on the calories swap out the regular syrup for sugar-free options or simply ask for ½ of the amount.

3. Wipe out the whip.

While the fluffy stuff adds a little something special to any drink, it also adds some calories. By choosing to skip the whipped cream, you can shave off upwards of 80 calories in your beverage.

If you aren’t sold on any of the above options, try enjoying a simple cup of black coffee for a measly 5 calories. The next time you find yourself at the coffee shop, just remember that even small changes add up to becoming a #HealthyYou.

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Nikki Johnson, MS, RD, LRD, Community Health and Nutrition Specialist

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