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Please contact the NDSU Help Desk @ 701.231.8685 Option 1

Computer Equipment Requests

Please use our equipment request form to submit any computer equipment requests that are NOT a part of the annual Extension equipment orders or the county cost-share program.

Support Tools

File Disable SMB-1 - Malware Prevention
This program will disable SMB-1 file sharing on your computer to help protect it from some forms of malware. You will still be able to use file and print sharing on Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers.
File Troff document Instant Remote Support Tool
Also referred to as "the creepy eyeball" due to its unusual icon, the Instant Remote Support tool provides a way for Ag Comm techs to remotely connect to and assist with computer issues in our off-campus offices. To use the program, download the file and save to your computer. Then, when requested by the technician, run the program and provide them with the 6 digit numerical code that appears. They will take care of the rest.
File Replacement Status Tool
Run your computer’s inventory number through this tool to find out when it will come off support and be considered for replacement. PLEASE NOTE - you may receive a warning stating the publisher is unknown or unverified. Should you see this, you can safely ignore the warning and continue the installation for this program. If you are running Windows 10, you may also see a second screen asking to allow the Registry Console Tool to make changes to your device. If you see this, click YES. (REVISED 06/21/2018 to fix an issue where Excel would open a file called computer_inventory1.xlsx)
File ECMAScript program Share Drive Repair (Windows 10 Only)
Allows you to re-connect to your shared drives (X:, S: and U:) if your computer mysteriously stops connecting to them. Download and save to your desktop. Anytime you restart and your drives don't show up, just double click on this file to reconnect to them. Does not work with Windows 7 or off-campus computers.
File Technician Support Viewer
Viewer that allows the technicians to connect to someone running the Instant Remote Support tool (above). This tool is password protected to prevent unauthorized use.
File Windows 7 Shared Drive Connection Utility
This program will help re-connect to shared drives (S:, X: & U:) that go missing on Windows 7 computers once the shared drives have been encrypted on March 6th. Please note that you will need to run this program each time you log off or restart your computer in order to access your shared drives.
File Windows 7 Share Drive Patch
This patch is for computers that utilize the Win7 Share Drive connection utility and experience file copy issues. This script will adjust the computer's settings to allow for transfer of larger files, allow for longer transfer times (to ensure a successful copy process) and will disable auto LAN detection to improve compatibility. Once you've run it, restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
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