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Please contact the NDSU Help Desk @ 701.231.8685 Option 1

Computer Order Form

Please use our computer order form to request equipment that is NOT a part of the annual Extension equipment orders or the county cost-share program.

Software Request Form

Please use our software request form to place software orders ONLY if you do not have a departmental software contact.  You can find out who your software contact is via the NDSU Departmental Software Contact list.

Computer Information

Search our computer records for support information on your computer.

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Is My Computer Supported?

While Ag Comm does maintain records on computers purchased through us, we are not always able to provide support information on computers that were purchased elsewhere.  However, there are a number of ways you can attempt to identify the age and determine the support status of a computer.

Online Inventory Search

If you have a computer that was ordered through AgComm or purchased through the NDSU Extension Equipment / Cost-Share program, our online computer inventory search provides a quick and easy way to determine the age and remaining support for your computer. Unfortunately, in most cases, it does not include computers ordered through the ITS Cascade program or otherwise purchased and inventoried outside of AgComm.

Computer Information Labels

On new baseline computers, we are now using a new label system that clearly identifies both the name and final support date for that particular computer. It also provides a QR code that, when scanned, will take you to a webpage with additional support information for the computer.

Manufacturer's warranty start date

Assuming your computer has been previously imaged by Ag Comm, the most accurate way to determine its support status is to find out what the ship date of the computer is and then add the corresponding number of years of support based on the chart below:

Computer Type Years of Support
Baseline Desktop (HP EliteDesk 705 & 800)  6
Baseline Notebook (HP EliteBook 7xx & 8xx)  5
Non-baseline Desktop (any other) 5
Non-baseline Notebook (any other) 4

"Non-baseline" computers are brands and models that are not ordered by Ag Comm but still meet the hardware specifications outlined in our Hardware Baseline specifications.

To find the ship date, locate the serial number (sometimes referred to as an asset tag) on the computer.  It is generally located on the side or back of desktops and bottoms of notebooks.  Then browse to the respective manufacturer's warranty site and enter the number.

HP Warranty

Dell Warranty

Look for the earliest date on the warranty page.  In most cases, there should only be one, but sometimes the manufacturer will display the date of the first year of warranty (this is the ship date) and then a second date when the extended (3 year) warranty will start. 



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