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Connecting Your Computer Cables

There are a variety of cables that connect to your computer.  Here is a breakdown of where to connect your cables to the new desktops and notebook docking stations.  Note that older monitors that use the DVI (white end) or VGA (blue end) video cables may require an adapter to connect to new computers.
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Common Connectors

USB - Commonly used to connect keyboards, mice and webcams.


USB A to B Cable - Used to connect other devices to your computer such as printers or the USB ports on your monitor



Display Port (D-Port) - Video cable standard currently in use on new computers.  Similar to, but not the same as HDMI.
Display Port


USB-C Ethernet Adapter - An external ethernet adapter for newer notebook computers that no longer have a built-in network jack.  Note the small round USB-C plug.

Ethernet (Network) Cable - Looks like an oversized phone cord, may be marked with its industry type (Cat5e).


HP Desktop Connectors

elitedesk 800 back ports


HP Notebook SlimDock Connectors


HP Notebook USB-C Docking Station






HP Monitor Connectors

(Bottom of Monitor)

 Please note video connection options will vary by model


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