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Please use our computer order form to request equipment that is NOT a part of the annual Extension equipment orders or the county cost-share program.

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Please use our software request form to place software orders ONLY if you do not have a departmental software contact.  You can find out who your software contact is via the NDSU Departmental Software Contact list.

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Windows Updates and Returning to Campus

Please note this applies to on-campus computers ONLY.

What's Happening

Computers that have not been connected to the campus network in a while may not have the latest updates and settings assigned to them through our management software.  Once they are re-connected to the network on campus, any missing updates will automatically begin to download and install; a process that, in some cases, could potentially take several hours.

If your computer has been off campus for 2 months or more, we strongly encourage you to consider manually updating your computer before returning to the office.


How to Manually Update Windows

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet

  2. Click the start button and select the Gear (settings) icon above it
    settings icon

  3. When the Windows settings screen appears click on Update & Security

  4. Locate & click on the link "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update".  On some computers it may appear grayed out and difficult to see.

  5. Follow any additional prompts or directions that appear and give any permissions necessary for it to make changes to your computer.  Depending on the number and type of updates required, it may be necessary to run the update process more than once to make sure you are fully up to date.  



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