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Where did my older email go?

If you use Outlook 2013, you may have noticed that your older email messages seem to have disappeared. This is due to the offline mail setting in Outlook 2013. By default, when a new account is setup in Outlook 2013 it will automatically only pull in the last year of email. In order to get all the mail back, we need to change this setting to tell Outlook we want all of our mail.


Before going any further, make sure you have Outlook open.



In the upper left hand corner of Outlook, click on the File button (located in red).



You should now see the screen above.  We'll need to open our account settings.  To do this click on Info in the left column, and then click on the Account Settings box, and again on Account Settings in the menu that appears (all the options to click on are highlighted in blue)



In the new Account Settings window, under the E-mail tab, you'll need to click on the name of your profile (long red box), and then click on the Change button (small red box).



In the Change Account window, halfway down, you should see a section called Offline Settings (outlined in red).  To be able to pull all of your mail, drag the slider bar all the way to the right hand side.  To the right of the slider, the words should change from "12 months" to "All".  When done click the Next button, then click Finish.  In the next window, now click the Close button.  When finished, you may want to exit Outlook and restart to make sure the settings take effect.


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