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Compromised Passwords Discovered

During a recent security check of NDSU passwords (not NDUS / Email), a number of them were determined to be compromised and unsafe to use.  In order to get the message out as quickly as possible, we will be notifying each person affected directly via email.  All email messages will be sent from our Ag Comm Computer Services ( account. You will only receive an email if your password has been affected.

The message they will receive will be similar to this (content may differ slightly).


We've recently been notified that your NDSU account password (NOT your email password) has been identified as compromised and is unsafe to use.  We strongly recommend changing it as soon as possible.

What does this mean?

Passwords that are considered compromised have been discovered in one or more online malicious lists containing all manner of account information.  Any password found in these lists is completely UNSAFE to use.  If you have multiple online accounts using the same password, your risk of having one or more of your online accounts compromised increases greatly..

If you receive one of these messages, please be aware it is ONLY a notification your password is not safe to use.  We are not suggesting your computer or NDSU account has been compromised.

How did this happen?

Passwords (and account logins, email addresses, etc..) can become compromised when criminals gain access to them through various means such as computer theft, online hacking, or even phishing emails.  If you have multiple online accounts using the same credentials, your risk of this happening greatly increases.  Once they have this information, they place it into lists and databases that can be used to break into your online accounts.  Often, these lists are bought and sold on the internet to other criminals with similar motivations.

What do I do now?

The first step is to change your NDSU account password. 

  1. Visit the NDSU Account Management System
  2. Once at the page, click on the Login button in the upper right-hand corner and log in using your current NDSU (not NDUS / email) login and password.
  3. Authenticate with DUO either via your smartphone, phone number or landline
  4. On into the management page, you will need to click on Change Passphrase in the upper left-hand corner.
  5. Follow directions to change your password.  Please pay special attention to the password requirements (length, upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters, etc...).

Once finished, we strongly encourage you to also change the passwords of any other accounts you may have used it with to prevent any malicious activity there.  It is also a good idea to run an anti-virus scan on your computer as a precautionary measure.

What about my email and NDUS password?

At this time, the University System (NDUS) is currently looking into performing a similar password evaluation.  Once they are finished and we are aware of any compromised passwords, we will contact the owners directly so they can take action.

 What if I have additional questions?

For additional questions on this, we strongly encourage you to contact the NDSU Help Desk @ 231-8685 or  You can also contact the Ag Comm technicians by contacting us at 

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