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Backing Up Your Outlook Contacts

If you're like most people, you don't just use the Outlook contacts stored in the global address book, you also create your own contact lists to use.  However, what most people don't know is that these custom contact lists are NOT backed up to the cloud like the global address books or their email.  Here's how to make a copy to prevent their loss.

Step 1)

Click on File in the upper left hand corner to open the main menu


Step 2)

In the menu, click Open & Export.  Then, on the right hand side, click on Import/Export.



 Step 3)

A window asking what action you'd like to perform should appear.  Select Export to a file and click the Next button.


Step 4)

Now it will ask you what type of file you'd like to export to.  Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click the Next button.


Step 5)

You are now prompted to select what folder(s) you'd like to export.  Scroll down the list and select Contacts, then click the Next button.


Step 6)

You will now be prompted to enter a location to save your backup file.  The default location is in a folder called Outlook Files within your Documents folder.  If you would like to save the file somewhere easier to remember (such as your Desktop) and/or rename the file to something more descriptive, click on the browse button.  This will open a Windows save screen where you can select a different save location and specify a file name.  When finished, click the Finish button.


Step 6-1)

At this point you may see another small window asking if you would like to set a password.  Should this appear, please leave all boxes blank and click OK to avoid setting a password.  Please do NOT click the cancel button.  Clicking cancel will force you to start the backup process over again.


Once finished, unless you selected a different save location or file name, you should have a file called backup.pst located in Documents\Outlook Files.  We strongly encourage you to make a second copy of this file in a safe place such as OneDrive or Google Drive.  Should you ever lose your contacts, you can re-import this file to restore them.

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