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Need Help?

Please contact the NDSU Help Desk @ 701.231.8685 Option 1

Computer Order Form

Please use our computer order form to request equipment that is NOT a part of the annual Extension equipment orders or the county cost-share program.

Software Request Form

Please use our software request form to place software orders ONLY if you do not have a departmental software contact.  You can find out who your software contact is via the NDSU Departmental Software Contact list.

Computer Information

Search our computer records for support information on your computer.

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Hardware and Software


Connecting Your Computer Cables

A look at the cable connections for our baseline desktop and notebook computers.

Hardware Baselines

Our hardware baseline provides you with our currently recommended computer as well as its specifications, options and costs. 


ITS provides a SMTP mail server for those that need to scan from email.  Please use this link to visit their page for configuration and registration information.

Please note:  As per our Support Guidelines, Ag Communication Computer Services does not provide and is not responsible for support for copier-printers and is providing this link as a courtesy.  For specific printer questions and assistance changing settings, please contact your printer vendor or contracted printer support person(s).  All questions about printer registration or the registration page should be directed to the  | 701-231-8685.



Departmental Software Contacts

A list of people designated to order software for each department / office at NDSU.  Go here to find out who to visit with if you need to order software.

Installing Software Using Microsoft Software Center

For people on campus, there are some changes in the works as to how some software titles are installed.  Products like SAS and SPSS are now being deployed to an application on your computer called Software Center.  Click here to learn more about software center and how it allows you to get the software installed without having to wait to schedule a visit from a technician.

OneDrive Setup

Offering the ability to access up to 1 TB of your files online from anywhere, OneDrive is a free cloud storage option available to all NDSU faculty and staff

Outlook Contacts - Backing Up

If you keep specific contact group lists or even just some contacts outside of NDSU / NDUS, it's a good idea to back those up once in a while.  This is especially true if you are about to replace your computer with a new one.  This guide will walk you through step by step.

Outlook Contacts - Restoring From Backup

Contacts lost?  New computer?  Assuming you've backed up your contacts and know where the file is, this guide will help you restore them to Outlook.

Perform A Manual Upgrade From Windows 7 To Windows 10

Step by step instructions on how to perform a manual upgrade.  This is primarily intended for computers that are unable to receive the upgrade through Software Center.

Price List of Software Available to Departments

Lists the most common types of NDSU licensed software available for order and the current prices for each.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a program built-in to Windows that allows you to remotely connect to and operate another Windows computer over the internet.  Here is some information on how to connect to your NDSU work computer.

Review Process and Forms For Non-NDSU Licensed Software

Provides resources and additional information on the legal requirements and process involved in purchasing and/or installing software NOT licensed by NDSU.  If you are looking to purchase software outside of NDSU for your office or lab, it is important you review this page before proceeding.

Saving Your Browser's Bookmarks

If you're like most of us, we have large numbers of bookmarks we use on a daily basis.  Losing them can cost us a lot of productive time.  It is a good idea to back them up once in a while, especially if you're about to get a new computer.

Winmail.dat and Email Attachment Issues

When sending email, especially to those not at NDSU / NDUS, do they sometimes receive a Winmail.dat file rather than the attachment you sent them?  Outlook may be modifying how it sends data to that contact.  Here's some information on how to fix it.

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