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Scan-To-Email Settings


Configuration Settings  |  Frequently Asked Questions

Setting Up Your Device

:  As per our Support Guidelines, Ag Communication Computer Services does not provide and is not responsible for support for large copier-printers, including scan to email, and is providing this information as a courtesy for those who need the scan to email function.  For specific printer questions and assistance changing settings, please contact your printer vendor or contracted printer support person(s).  All questions about printer registration or the registration page should be directed to the | 701-231-8685.


Printer Registration:

To register your printer, please visit the ITS Help Desk Scan to Email page. Click the SMTP Server Request link to open the registration page.

  1. Log in using your NDSU (NOT Email) credentials.
  2. Click on the SMTP Server Link.  The page will change.
  3. Now enter the following for each prompt:
  • SMTP Server:  Your printer's fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
  • Mail Domain:   Your printer's FQDN again
  • Send / Receive:  Check "This server will send email indirectly"
  • Administrative Contact:  Your ID  (same as the login you used to get to this page)
  • Administrative Contact Affiliation:  Your County Office or REC
  • Technical Contact:  Your ID (same as administrative contact)
  • Effective date: select earliest possible date

    Click on Save SMTP Server Request button

Registration can take 24 hours or more.  We strongly encourage you to perform the registration several days prior to setting up or installing a new printer.


Printer settings:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Port:  25
  • enter all email addresses for scan-to-email

Due to differences in each make and model of printer, we are not able to provide instructions on where to find or how to change these settings.  You may need your contracted printer support people* to assist in changing these settings.

*Off-campus multi-function printers are considered supported by the office they are located in.  As per their support guidelines, Ag Comm Computer Services does not support these printers and strongly encourages any department purchasing or leasing a multi-function printer to consider purchasing a vendor support contract.


Frequently Asked Questions

My printer used to scan to email, now it stopped.

This could be caused by a number of issues.  Here are the two most common:

  1. The IP address of your printer changed - Have you had any network/internet problems or has your internet provider made any recent changes to the network?  Have any settings recently been changed on the printer?
  2. If your printer has been in use for several years, it may need the new smtp server address entered as the old one is being shut down.  To do this, have your contracted printer support person change the SMTP server setting on the printer from to
In the instructions for registering a printer, you mention it needs the FQDN name. How do I find that?
First you will need the IP address of your printer. 
  • Use Window's search option to find "Devices and Printers". 
  • In the window that opens, locate your printer and right click on it.  Select the option Printer Properties (not the "Properties" option).
  • Select the Ports tab
  • In the list presented, find the port name next to the checked box.  You may have to widen the column.  The number listed should be your printer IP

Once you have your IP address, you can now find your FQDN.  To do this:

    • Open a command line window either by using a link in the start menu or by using Windows search to find "cmd".
    • Once open, use this command to find the FQDN related to your printer IP:
      • nslookup <IP Address>  (press the enter key when entered)

        In the example below, we used IP and it translated to a FQDN of

        nslookup command



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