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CARES Act Computers FAQ

Ag Communication Computer Services (ACCS) has recently received several shipments of computers ordered under the CARES Act funding and will likely continue to receive additional shipments of computers throughout the rest of December.  

Here are some answers to the most common questions we've received about these orders:

What is the timeline on getting computers out to everyone?

Currently we are working to just get the CARES Act computers out and into people's hands as quickly as possible.  This process involves inventorying & tagging each computer, imaging them, setting them up with the account of the person who requested the computer and getting them delivered to the correct department / REC / County Office  We will be providing additional setup assistance (email, printers, data, etc...) once all computers have been distributed.  Due to the number of computers ordered, we anticipate we will be imaging and delivering computers until at least the end of December.


I've received my computer and would like to start using it

We are currently including a basic setup sheet that provides information on how to log in, connect to the wireless and set up your email (Outlook).  We also have a page you can visit that provides connection information for computers, docking stations and monitors.  


How will you determine priority for setups?

Priority for final setups will be given to those whose current computer is not functioning (must be completely dead).  As per the "Store Files in the Cloud for Priority Setup of New Computers" segment of Dr. Greg Lardy's "About Us" email dated August 19, we will also be giving priority to computers for those people who have moved their data into the cloud or will be transferring their own data. Moving your data into the cloud yourself not only ensures all of your data has been transferred, it also helps protect your data from accidental loss and can speed up the setup process which allows us to help more people in a shorter amount of time.

Those whose computer is currently working and do not wish to transfer their own data will receive assistance as soon as the priority computers have been completed. 


I would like to receive a priority setup, is it too late for me to begin transferring my data to the cloud?

It is not too late.  However, transferring gigabytes of data to the cloud can take hours or even days depending on the speed of your network connection.  It is recommended you start transferring data sooner, rather than later so you are ready when your new computer arrives.  When transferring data to the cloud, please be aware that once you transfer data to the cloud, you will need to edit the files within the cloud folder to ensure the latest version is saved. 


I'm looking for assistance in setting up my computer, including data transfer.  How long will it take to get to me?

 At this point we estimate approximately 400 computers were ordered for Agricultural Affairs through various sources using CARES Act funding. This is around 8 times the average number of computers ordered during our annual Extension Equipment / Cost-Share order. 

As we are still working to establish the number of priority setups and, understanding the uniqueness of each individual's needs, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate at this time.  However, we believe it may be safe to say it could take months for some computers.  We strongly encourage everyone to consider moving their data to the cloud to receive priority assistance and help us expedite the setup process for everyone.  


I've purchased a computer from a 3d party vendor (not ACCS), can you please set it up?

As long as your computer meets our baseline hardware specifications and falls within our support guidelines, we will be happy to help set up your computer.  However, as our current setup priority is the CARES Act computers, unless your current computer is completely inoperable (dead), or you don't currently have one, you will be subject to the same waiting period as the CARES Act computers.  If you just need the computer imaged, we will make an effort to assist once the CARES Act computers have been imaged (potentially the end of December).  If you need a full setup (need help transferring data), you will need to contact the help desk to request a ticket for a computer setup.  Please note that you will be subject to the same wait times as the CARES Act computers.  While waiting for your turn in the queue, we strongly encourage you to work with your department to get your new computer inventoried and tagged with an NDSU Inventory sticker (we cannot image a computer without this).  You will also need to work with your department's software person to order any software needed through NDSU Software Licensing. 





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