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ACCS County IT Survey

We are asking for ONE person from each county office to fill out our  IT Environment Survey   We are also asking EVERYONE in each office to download and run our Scan Tool on their individual computers.

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Please contact the NDSU Help Desk @ 701.231.8685 Option 1

Computer Equipment Requests

Please use our equipment request form to submit any computer equipment requests that are NOT a part of the twice-yearly Extension equipment orders or the county cost-share program.

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ACCS County IT Survey

Last Updated January 16, 2018 at 11:37 AM

Ag Comm Computer Services is currently conducting an IT environment survey of each of our County Extension Offices to better understand the unique and individual situations and needs of each office.

Completing The Survey

We are asking each office to perform the following:

  1. Have each county office complete ONE copy of our short Qualtrics survey.  The information provided will help us better understand what other people or groups (if any) are involved in your IT support.  This helps us determine the appropriate group to provide support depending on the issue.

  2. Download and run our IT Hardware Scan tool on every computer in each office.  This tool will collect information such as hardware specifications, network information, Office and Windows versions as well as printers and shared drives.  All of this data is extremely useful for us when either setting up a new computer or helping repair one currently in use.  The information gathered will be sent back to the ACCS techs and also stored on your local computer in the c:\aginfo folder.  This way you can see the exact same information being sent to us. At no point is any confidential information gathered or transmitted.

Common Problems

While we have worked hard to eliminate as many problems as possible from the survey process, here some issues people have been recently experiencing:

  • Scan Tool Reporting It Cannot Connect To Server

    Due to the differences in the networks in each county office, we anticipated that some would not allow an outbound connection to our server.  In those cases, we created a backup system in which an email with the same information is sent to our account.  When this happens, you may see a notice letting you know the network connection failed.  Rest assured, if you see this error, we did receive your scan information.

  • Warning the App is Unrecognized / Not Verified

    On some computers, when attempting to run the scan software, you may receive an error stating something to the effect that the publisher couldn't be verified or the app was unrecognized. 

    All this means is that Windows doesn't recognize the program and is advising you to be cautious if you aren't sure who wrote it.  In this particular case, the scan tool was created by Ag Comm Computer Services and is perfectly safe.

    In the case of Windows 10, you may need to take an extra step to allow the program to run:

    When this screen shows up, click on the area in the green circle.  Once done, a Run button should appear.  Click on Run to continue.


We appreciate your participation in our survey and hardware scans.  The information gathered will help us to continue to improve on our services and planning.

If you have any questions about the survey or the hardware scan, please feel free to email us at

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Winmail.dat and Email Attachment Issues

Updated August 9, 2017 at 4:19 PM CST


Over the last couple of months we have had an increasing number of people reporting issues with sending email attachments to non-NDSU email accounts.  In most of these cases, instead of receiving the expected attachment, the recipient received a winmail.dat file.

What is winmail.dat?

The winmail.dat file is sometimes used by Microsoft Outlook to store additional information such as text formatting for the message being sent and, under certain conditions, can also contain any files that may have been attached to the email. Unfortunately, winmail.dat stores the attachments in a format that is unreadable on most computers.

Why are some people receiving the winmail.dat file instead of the file I attached?

The problem appears to be linked to contacts we used prior to the email migration last March.  From what we can tell, some contacts that were carried over had additional document formatting added to them by Outlook.  While we're not sure why this happens, we do know that sending mail to the affected contacts will result in an email where the original attachment has been replaced by a winmail.dat file.

What can be done to fix the issue?

In Office 2013 / 2016, the only sure way to fix the issue is to have the sender go into their Outlook contacts and delete and re-create any contacts that are currently receiving the winmail.dat file.

  1. Open Outlook and click on your People tab in the lower left corner.  It can either look like this: Contacts_compact  or this:
  2. Locate the contact for the person receiving the winmail.dat file, right click on it and select delete.
  3. Now click on the New Contact button in the upper left corner of the Outlook window and create a new contact to replace the one you just deleted. 

Once finished, the next email and attachment you send to this person should arrive as expected.


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