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Student Profile: Morgan Hasler

Name: Morgan Hasler
Major: Crop and Weed Science
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky
Graduation Date: December 2021

Why did you choose NDSU?
It had a hometown feel with global connections. Becoming an NDSU Bison opened me up to a community of industry professionals. At NDSU I received the individual attention from my advisors to help me succeed in my academic career. When transferring, my professors and advisors were eager to walk me through the curriculum and expectations. NDSU has the tools to make it the college experience I dreamed of. 

Why did you select the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources?
I wanted a school that stayed ahead of the trends in agriculture. My professors didn't shy away from current issues like decreasing farm land, GMOs, higher yields, new crops, and global impacts. While my education focuses on agriculture practices in the region- I feel prepared to tackle global issues. Another plus of studying agriculture at NDSU? You are part of the research that helps farmers! Just behind the university is several agronomy trials that benefit farmers across the country. Because of that, my professors have the latest research at their fingertips to incorporate into my classroom experience. 

Scholarships you have received and why scholarships are important to you.
I received the 2020 George Meagher Scholarship for plant genetics. I also have a scholarship for being a 2020-2021 Agriculture Future of America Ambassador. Scholarships allow me to focus on my academics and not the stress of paying for school. Being rewarded for hard work goes beyond the grade book. 

Clubs/organizations you’re involved in and why involvement in activities is beneficial.
Learning goes beyond the classroom. Clubs and organizations are free networking with your peers and often connect you with business professionals that could become future employers. There are many benefits to collaborating with fellow students who share similar interests through on and off campus organizations. These opportunities shift your focus from academic to experience based which is where the real learning begins. Clubs and organizations show a personal side of the business world. They are good reminders of why you picked your major and future profession. 

  • NDSU Ag Ambassadors
  • Agronomy Club
  • Ag Council 
  • Agriculture Future of America 
  • World Food Prize 

List any internships and a brief description of what you did.
Summer 2018 Wallace Carver Fellow (World Food Prize) - The summer after I graduated high school, I was a research assistant in the Animal Metabolism unit at the Edward T. Schafer USDA ARS location in Fargo, ND. I studied detection methods for meloxicam use in livestock being used for consumption. 

Summer 2019 Borlaug Ruan International Intern (World Food Prize) - My summer as an international intern was spent honoring the work of Norman Borlaug. I was located in Kenya where I focused on a method of farming called Push-Pull. I taught farmers (who didn't have access to pesticides) methods of deterring fall armyworm and striga weed through an intercropping system. 

Summer 2020 Sustainability Intern - I worked with Nutrien Ag Solutions as a sustainability intern providing tools for farmers to get better insight on their environmental impacts. I also helped with data entry and analysis on Nutrien's platform. 

Spring 2021 Marketing Intern - I transitioned to a marketing position with Nutrien Ag Solutions to gain new experiences in the company. I handled mass email communications while they looked for someone to fill the position full-time. 

What is your greatest memory at NDSU?
When I first transferred to NDSU from out of state, I could count on one hand the number of people I knew in North Dakota. To make matters even better, I transferred in the middle of what to me seemed like a monumental blizzard. To say I thought I was in way over my head was an understatement. Later that day at my transfer student orientation, I struck up conversation with a staff member who graciously answered any and every question I asked. After an hour of discussion and figuring out my transfer credits, I finally asked what his position was at NDSU. He was the Associate Dean, Dr. Buchanan. He went on to become one of my favorite professors and my go-to for academic/career advice. Looking back on my time at NDSU this was a crucial moment. 

What are your future plans?
This summer I will be in Washington D.C. interning with the Ag Retailers Association. There I will be helping Ag Retailers across the country navigate how changes in policy impacts their business. Politics shape the future of the American farming operation, I hope to be a voice for agriculture wherever that may be in the future. After graduation, I will be pursuing a masters in agronomy and soil science. 

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