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Student Profile: Gretchen Brummond

Name: Gretchen Brummond        
Major: Microbiology
Minors: Chemistry, Spanish
Year: Junior
Hometown: Park River, ND
Graduation Date: Spring 2022

Why did you choose NDSU? Many of my family members have gone to NDSU and have had great experiences. I quickly learned that NDSU was the right place for me because of the quality of education and the friendly staff who care about my success. 

Why did you select the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources? I have been exposed to agriculture from a young age, but I have also had an interest in science as well; therefore, microbiology seemed to be a good fit where I have avenues to pursue agriculture or other pathology-focused careers. 

Scholarships you have received and what it’s meant to you: NDSU Provost Award, Jim and Joyce Johnston Agricultural Scholarship, Vernon Botsford Scholarship, and the Axel Kongslie Microbiological Sciences Scholarship.

Considering my goal of attending dental school after I graduate, these scholarships I am earning are helping me immensely with my financial situation. It’s humbling to know that there are so many people out there who care about your education and want to help you succeed. 

Clubs/organizations you’re involved in and why involvement in activities is beneficial: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, NDSU CAFSNR Honor Commission and intramural sports.Being involved on campus has allowed me to meet so many new friends I would have never met otherwise. It has also given me opportunities to grow in my leadership qualities, confidence and accountability. 

List any internships and a brief description of what you did: I have not had any internships, but I work at Sanford as a Patient Care Technician on a medical-surgical floor. This job is helping me to gain patient contact experience and is immersing me in the field of medicine. 

What is your greatest memory at NDSU? My most memorable experiences at NDSU have been during the semifinal football games when the song “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas” comes on the speakerphone and the entire FargoDome sings along. 

What are your future plans? I plan to apply to dental school this spring and someday return to a small-town community to practice. 

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