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eefTalk articles by DREC Director Emeritus Kris Ringwall 


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 El Hablaganados en Espanol



2018 BeefTalk Articles


BT948     The Next Chapter: Some Happy, Some Sad 
BT947     Say 'I Can', Not 'I Can't'
BT946     Data are the Foundation for Developing Cattle Goals
BT945     Cowsonality Important to a Productive Cow Herd
BT944     The Challenge of Managing Human Resources
BT943     Add Value to Market Cows and Bulls
BT942     Market Cows and Bulls Rather Than Cull
BT941     Cows as Combines
BT940     2018 Cow-Calf Production Benchmarks
BT939     Economic Greats - 93 Percent of Cow's Weight Harvested
BT938     What Can Sheep Teach Cows?
BT937     Livestock Diversity a Good Thing
BT936     Sheep and Cows: Some Do and Some Do Not
BT935     Let the Cow Save You Money and the Bull Make You Money
BT934     Cost Per Pound of Calf is Struggling
BT933     Cow-calf Enterprise Expenses Are Up
BT932     Is the Cow-Calf Enterprise Keeping Pace?
BT931     Future of Beef Revisitied - Soil, Forage and Beef
BT930     Future of Beef Revisitied - Industry Integration
BT929     Future of Beef Revisited - Global Competitiveness
BT928     Future of Beef Revisited - Consumer Issues and Demand
BT927     How Many Cattle Should Go in the Pasture?
BT926     Future of Beef Revisited - Midsize Challenges
BT925     Future of Beef Revisited - Economics
BT924     Future of Beef Revisited
BT923     Pasturing - Get It Right
BT922     On Day 21 Following Bull Turnout, 60 Percent of Cows Bred
BT921     Balanced Mineral Supplements are Good for the Cow
BT920     Crested Wheatgrass Needs Grazing Management
BT919     Grass Calving
BT918     Herd Vaccination Protocols are Critical
BT917     Time for a Managerial Report Card
BT916     When Dry, Focus on Heifers and Young Cows
BT915     Evaluate Hay Inventory and Cow Condition
BT914     The Concern is a Dwindling Hay Pile
BT913     Expect to Hang Two-thirds of the Cow's Weight on the Rail
BT912     Do Not Be Afraid to Moderate Cow Size, But Select Good Bulls
BT911     Finding the Right Cow Size is Not Simple
BT910     Bull Selection for Moderate Growth?
BT909     Developing Sire Genetic Benchmarks
BT908     Why Push a Chain Up a Hill?
BT907     Healthy Soil Buffers Human Inadequacies
BT906     Shop Around; Cattle Eat More Than Hay
BT905     Keeping More Heifers Turned Out Well



2017 BeefTalk Articles


BT904     Rolling Out Hay is Rolling Out Dollars

BT903     Will the Hay Inventory Feed the Cows?     

BT902     Just When Does One Let the Calves Go?

BT901     Use the Numbers When Bull Buying

BT900     Has the Beef Industry Reached Commercial Thresholds for Performance?

BT899     Reproductive Performance in Commercial Beef Herds is Remarkable

BT898     Beef Growth Performance Continues to be Stable

BT897     Beef Production Weaning 498 Pounds Per Cow Exposed

BT896     The Challenge of Cow Size

BT895     Commercial Beef Production Benchmarks for 2017

BT894     Long-term Cow-culling Rate, Replacement Rate and Cow Age

BT893     Age and Source Verification Can Work

BT892     The World Is Good, But Sometimes Saying That Is Hard

BT891     Age and Source Verification Revisited

BT890     Rain Makes Regrowth; Put Weight On Cows Now

BT889     Calves Pay the Bills, But The Cows Make the Bills

BT888     Time to Get Serious; Small Cows Produce

BT887     Walking a Trail, Understanding Cow Math
BT886     Seeking Efficient Beef Cows
BT885     Diversity Helps Mitigate Drought Effects
BT884     Managing Drought Through Proper Soil Health
BT883     A Dollar a Day and Counting
BT882     Precondition Calves Regardless of Weaning Time
BT881     Be Cautious And Do Not Overspend For Hay
BT880     A Beef Cow Is What She Eats
BT879     Start Planning For Next Year: Pregnancy Check Cows Early
BT878     When Early Weaning, Adapt Calves and Provide Right Nutrition
BT877     How Early Is Too Early To Wean?
BT876     Prepare For Early Weaning
BT875     Wean Early and Save 25 Percent of Pasture Forage
BT874     The Wind, Soil and Grass Are Dry
BT873     On the Prairie, Listen, and Walk, Not Run
BT872     Proactive Cow Penning
BT871     Ponder This: $2,000 Each for Your Steer Crop
BT870     Cows Pregnant Again in 82 Days
BT869     Why Did the Calf Die?
BT868     Improper Grazing Steals From the Future
BT867     Zero Tolerance for Bad Cows
BT866     Cattle, So Why Not Sheep, Too?
BT865     For Every Cow, Add a Ewe and Increase Net Return 65%
BT864     Cattle and Sheep Together a Good Thing
BT863     The Goal is $1,000 per Cow Exposed, Including Market Beef
BT862     Should I Market 25.6 or 51.2 Tons of Beef?
BT861     Grain Truck or Cattle Truck: Which One Should I Load?
BT860     An Increase in Beef Cows Requires Cropland
BT859     A Lot Happens Around the Kitchen Table
BT858     Pitching Hay or Doing Homework, The Choice is Ours
BT857     Prepping for Calving Means Prepped Cows
BT856     In Search of Income
BT855     Scoring Cows Helps Cattle Management
BT854     Crossbreeding: It Works For Feral Pigs
BT853     New Year's Resolution: Earn $300 More Per Cow


2016 BeefTalk Articles





Crossbreeding, or Should We Say Effective Breeding Systems


Breeding Systems are Coming of Age


Bull Selection and Obtaining Historical Benchmarks


Bull Selection and Understanding the Bull Pen


Bull Selection and Managing Risk


Thanksgiving and Finding a Whisper


The Arrival of Winter Means More Cow Feed


A Basic Question: What is the Unit of Production, Acres or Cows?


Controlling Cow Size Aids in Controlling Cow Costs


Effective Cropping Systems Reduce Winter Feed Costs


Who Wants to Save $300 per Calf?


Lower Prices Need Lower Costs


Sometimes I Think the Cows Know More Than We Do


Put Weight and Condition on Cows Now by Grazing Crop Aftermath


What Makes a Good Cow?


Decreasing Markets Are a Good Time to Ponder


Selling Calves is More Than Hauling Them to Town


Can You Afford to Sell Your Calves This Fall?


Frame Score 3 May Calves Put 1,400 pounds of Beef on the Rail  

BT833 Dreams, Opportunity Make the Future
BT832 May Calves Put 1,610 Pounds of Beef on the Market
BT831 Beef Production is Sustainable Grass Production
BT830 The Future of Beef: We Need To Get It Right!

Sustainable Soil and Integrated Beef Systems


Tag Calves for Maximum Marketing Opportunities


The Missing Sock


Commercial Beef Production Benchmarks for 2016


Management and Genetics Make the Cow Whole


Breeding Season is Long, So Keep a Good Eye on the Bull


Proper Achievement of Immunity in Cattle a Good Goal


The World Gives A Little, Takes A Little


What Am I Doing?


Cut Expenses Smartly, Not Quickly

BT819 Producers Worry, Calves Survive
BT818 Obtain a Well-Balanced Mineral Program With Magnesium Now!

Farming, Ranching, or Somewhere in Between

BT816 A Heads-up for a Dry Summer: Plan Forage Production Now
BT815 A Cow is Not a Cow, So Plan Now for Potential Summer Dryness
BT814 The Goal is 97 Percent Live Calves
BT813 Are You Feeding and Keeping an Eye on the Bulls?
BT812 Labor, Facilities and Equipment are Big Beef Expenses
BT811 Reproductive Observations of May Calving Compared With March Calving
BT810 Calf Growth Observations of May vs. March Calving
BT809 Why Would Calving Time in the Northern Plains Change?
BT808 Where are the Breeding Systems?
BT807 Countercultural Beef Production
BT806 What's in the Current Bullpen?
BT805 Am I Satisfied?
BT804 Kick Some Straw and Read the Book
BT803 Terminal Breed Indexes Available at Your Breed Association Website
BT802 Visit Your Breed Association Website for Maternal Breed Indexes
BT801 Buying Bulls by the Numbers

2015 BeefTalk Articles


BT800 Expanding Genetics and Electronic Bull Buying
BT799 Winter Solstice, Spring Breeding
BT798 No Spirit, No Peace
BT797 How Big is the Bull?
BT796 With Nice Weather, Cows Still Need a Balanced Supplement
BT795 Who Gets the Weight?
BT794 May Calving, January Weaning
BT793 Good Cattle-working Facilities Should be a High Priority
BT792 Think Smart, Not More Work
BT791 Flexible Planning Starts With Practical Cow Sort Lists
BT790 Now is the Time to Save Feed Costs
BT789 I Don’t Feel Well Today
BT788 I Thought I Was Doing Better Than That!
BT787 Can Commercial Producers Afford to Sell 7-month-old Calves?
BT786 Pondering Growth in the Beef Business
BT785 Can Production Efficiency Offset Costs?
BT784 Cost of Beef Production Up 200 Percent
BT783 Grandma and Grandpa Are Worried!
BT782 Are Cattle Records Worth the Effort?
BT781 Another Great School Year Begins
BT780 Blue Moons and Summer Blues
BT779 Grazing: Setting the Base Stocking Rate
BT778 Grazing Systems Combine MLRAs and Ecological Sites
BT777 Grazing Systems are Major Land Resource Areas
BT776 Understanding Grazing Systems is Not Easy
BT775 Pounds, Efficiency, Quality
BT774 Pounds of Calf Weaned per Acre
BT773 May Calving is Productive
BT772 Summer Safety for the Farm and Ranch
BT771 Parasites, the Unwanted Guest
BT770 Biosecurity Confessions
BT769 Cow Size and Success in the Beef Business
BT768 Genetic Diversity is a Good Thing
BT767 Thin Cows? A Pre-breeding Nutritional Push Helps
BT766 Have a Plan to Manage Cowherd Subgroups
BT765 Prepare for the Unexpected, Live the Expected
BT764 When Should Cows Calve?
BT763 Cattle Deserve a Professional Herd-health Program
BT762 Start Planning Now if the Summer Looks Dry
BT761 Nice Weather for Calving is Priority One
BT760 The Big 60 Means 60 Percent Calved in 21 Days!
BT759 Can Profitable Beef Operations Go Broke?
BT758 Is Return on Assets Large Enough to Expand the Cow Business?
BT757 Commercial Beef Production Remains a Stable Business
BT756 Commercial Beef Production Benchmarks for 2014
BT755 Got the Calving Book Handy?
BT754 Cow Contentment is a Good Thing
BT753 Feel Good by Feeding Some Alfalfa
BT752 Feed Those Cows the Right Amount of Feed
BT751 Register Those Bulls!
BT750 Buy Wisely and Spend Thriftily
BT749 After-the-party Blues

2014 BeefTalk Articles


BT748 Revising the Red Angus and Simmental Bull Pen
BT747 Revising the Bull Pen
BT746 Step 1 for Bull Buying: Simmental Example
BT745 Step 1 for Bull Buying: Red Angus Example
BT744 Step 1 for Buying a Bull: Find the Base Herd EPD Values
BT743 Prepping for the Bull-buying Season
BT742 We Can Do Better
BT741 Proper Cow Nutrition Now Saves Headaches Later
BT740 Cull Deep Enough to Find Those Freeloaders
BT739 Change, It’s in Your Mind
BT738 It’s Time to Buy That New Recliner
BT737 Age and Weight Are Cow Herd Dynamics
BT736 Time to Sort the Thin, Young or Old Cows
BT735 A Time to Reflect and Ponder
BT734 When a Cow is Determined to be Market Beef, Sell Her
BT733 Cow Herd Expansion Needs Land
BT732 Have Some Bulls to Cull?
BT731 Yes, the Shorthorns Have New EPDs
BT730 Wet and Dry; There Is No Constant
BT729 Vaccinate to Protect Ranch Assets
BT728 Eucs, Grass and a Tear
BT727 Records, a Positive Opportunity
BT726 May I Borrow Your Land?
BT725 May Calving Bull Turnout is Aug. 1
BT724 Is There a Place for Cows in the Future?
BT723 The Cow Herd Struggles to Expand
BT722 Do the Math - Income Minus Cost Equals Net Return
BT721 Unified Cattle Identification Remains an Elusive Goal
BT720 Calf Planting
BT719 Not all Bulls Are Herd Bulls
BT718 Grass or Grain Fed?
BT717 Beef and Oil
BT716 Start Your Calf Vaccinations Now!
BT715 Grass Tetany
BT714 Spring Reflections and Calf Deaths
BT713 Electronic Bidding for Bulls: The Wave of the Future
BT712 Grass Turnout Date is More Than a Desire
BT711 Are 60 Percent Calving in First 21 Days?
BT710 Check Those Bulls Now
BT709 A Teachable Moment
BT708 Do the Cows Fit the Operation?
BT707 Are Your Cows Ready to Rebreed?
BT706 Big or Little Socket?
BT705 What Aren’t We Doing?
BT704 It Pays to Read the Tag
BT703 Understanding EPD Percentile Tables is Important
BT702 In Search of Good Sires
BT701 Numbers Can Challenge, but Don’t Give Up
BT700 What’s Changing in the Beef Industry?
BT699 CHAPS Herd Benchmarks
BT698 Live Bait is Not Needed to Catch Fish
BT697 No Shortcuts in the Beef Business
BT696 Calves That Create Fervid Gusto Are Good


2013 BeefTalk Articles


BT695 What’s in the Bull Soup?
BT694 Bull Buying and Headaches
BT693 Bulls and Cold Are Not a Good Mix
BT692 Is a Cow Ever Too Ornery?
BT691 Don’t Take Health for Granted
BT690 How Well Did the Bulls Do?
BT689 Fall Pregnancy Exams Tell the Story
BT688 Marketing Options Are Improved With Verification
BT687 Cows Have Memories, Too
BT686 Sending Spayed Heifers to the Feedlot
BT685 The Benefits of Protein
BT684 The Prairie is a Difficult Place to Call Home
BT683 In Search of Late-season Protein
BT682 Love of the Land
BT681 Fall, a Window of Opportunity for Thin Cows
BT680 1 Percent Is Good Money Spent to Protect Calves
BT679 Plan Ahead to Wean Stress-free Calves
BT678 Making a “Premium” Calf
BT677 Vaccinate and Prepare Valuable Calves for Market
BT676 New Ventures Come With Unprotected Risk
BT675 Annual Forages Make Choice Yearling Steers
BT674 Pondering Grass
BT673 Grass and Beef
BT672 Positive Outcomes of May Calving in N.D.
BT671 Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
BT670 Being Proactive is Better Than Reactive When Working Cattle
BT669 Good Biosecurity a Must for Beef Operations
BT668 Good Marketing is Essential to Capture Available Dollars
BT667 Cow Down
BT666 Cows Need Grass and Grass Needs Cows
BT665 Cow Diversity is a Good Thing and so is BIF
BT664 May Calving Brings May Flowers
BT663 How Do We Get the Next Generation to Raise Beef?
BT662 To Pass, 60 Percent Must Calve in 21 Days
BT661 Keep an Eye on the Bulls Because They Don’t Get a Day Off
BT660 If Baby Rabbits Can Survive Snow, So Can Calves
BT659 The Transition Zone Not a Good Calving Time
BT658 Where Are the Elders?
BT657 One-way Ticket to Town
BT656 Good Marketing Captures Available Dollars
BT655 Looking for $200
BT654 The Plow and Cow Are Strange Companions
BT653 Survival Comes Before Expansion in the Cow Business
BT652 Survival Still is About Production Costs
BT651 The Cow Business is Very Positive
BT650 Have You Done the Annual Ranch Enterprise Analysis?
BT649 Apoptosis
BT648 Now is the Season of Bull Buyers and Sellers
BT647 Buy Bulls Based on Data Not Pictures
BT646 An Evolving Beef Industry
BT645 The Science and Awe of DNA
BT644 It’s All About DNA


2012 BeefTalk Articles



BT643 All I Want for Next Year Is 2 New Bulls
BT642 A Bucket of Alfalfa Cubes Has Value
BT641 No Need for Wild Cattle
BT640 Prepare for Winter Meetings by Knowing Your Herd’s Calving Distribution
BT639 Cows Are Bred Well
BT638 True Thanksgiving Never is Divided
BT637 Don’t Forget the Bulls
BT636 Marketing Calves - Let the Buyers Know They Are Yours
BT635 Pregnancy Evaluation is a Key Management Tool
BT634 Color-coded Data or Something Else?
BT633 Bigger Is Not Always Better
BT632 To Seek Knowledge is Good
BT631 Understanding Culling and Replacement Rates Critical
BT630 Am I Short of Feed or Short of Cash?
BT629 Wise Marketing of Cows and Bulls is Critical
BT628 Drought Strategy: Wean the Calf, Salvage the Cow
BT627 May You Find All Your Ear Tags
BT626 Uff Da!
BT625 Who Said Change Would Be Easy
BT624 Grass Versus Corn, TDN Cost Per Unit
BT623 Calculating Cost Per Unit Is Critical
BT622 Buy Feed by Value, Not Pounds
BT621 Tough Decisions But Cattle Must Pay for Themselves
BT620 Let the Cattle Rest and Check Water and Check Water and Check Water
BT619 How Many Cows Are in the Pen?
BT618 How to Survive the Cattle Business
BT617 Does Late Calving Mean Late Weaning?
BT616 Late Calving Changes Management
BT615 4, 3 or 2 pounds of Gain, So What?
BT614 2 Pounds of Average Daily Gain Equals Grass Beef
BT613 Integrating a New Grass and Beef Production Model Isn’t Easy
BT612 Those Cows Can’t Catch Me Now
BT611 There Is Room for More Cows
BT610 Don’t Take Bull Fertility for Granted
BT609 Are Your Cows Ready for Breeding?
BT608 Birth Weight in the Eyes of a Chicken
BT607 Try Hard for Less Than 3 Percent Calf Death Loss
BT606 Preparing for a Dry Year Using Lazy L Culling
BT605 Plan Ahead Instead of Reacting; Sell Infertile Cows
BT604 Drought and Stocking Rates Are Two Key Terms
BT603 I Wish They Were All Like That One!
BT602 Carcass Merit Pays
BT601 The $2,017.31 Carcass
BT600 The World of Genetic Marketing
BT599 It Is in Caring That We Will Survive
BT598 Understanding Things We Do Not Control
BT597 The Winner - the Heavier-conditioned, Large Steer With No Muscle
BT596 Cattle Size Is Different Than Cow Size
BT595 Meat, Fat, Size and Quality
BT594 $1.43 short
BT593 Like Begets Like
BT592 Let’s Buy a Bull


2011 BeefTalk Articles



BT591 The Uphill Battle of Expanding the Cow Business
BT590 The Cows Say Thank You and So Should We
BT589 Culling Rate Is Not Just for Cows
BT588 Did You Learn Anything?
BT587 First-cycle Conception Has Been Remarkably Stable
BT586 Calving Distribution is a Key Evaluator of Reproductive Success
BT585 Pregnancy and Calving Percentages Are Stable
BT584 Twenty Years of Great Beef Production
BT583 The Pickup Rut
BT582 2011 Production Benchmarks Are In
BT581 Nothing New, Just a Reminder That Breeding Systems Work
BT580 Biofuel and Beef Cattle Systems
BT579 Lowline Influenced, Sized Right and Grass Ready
BT578 Has Much Changed in the Last 15 Years?
BT577 A Chaotic Beef Industry
BT576 Saddle Up To Lasso Some Hope
BT575 Time to be Proactive
BT574 Grass vs. Grain – Steer Gains
BT573 School Bells Are Ringing
BT572 Animal Identification - Detectable and Recordable
BT571 Prepare to Age and Source Your Calves Correctly
BT570 Gross Margins Are Not Price Per Calf
BT569 Resilience vs. Resistance
BT568 Hot and Cold Leads to Checkmate
BT567 Hay Quality Means Correct Harvesting
BT566 Knowing When to Turn in the Reserve Bull is Critical
BT565 Is the Y in the Road Grass or Grain?
BT564 Bulls Furloughed Until Mid-August
BT563 Homesick
BT562 Beef Production of the Future
BT561 High-return Operations Are Becoming High-cost Operations
BT560 Little Money Available for High-cost Producers
BT559 Understanding and Controlling Cost Is Critical
BT558 Increasing Input Costs Troublesome
BT557 A Significant Storm Event
BT556 The Yellow, the Green and Anthrax
BT555 Where Is the Grass?
BT554 Bulls Furloughed Until Mid-July
BT553 Excessive Calf Death Loss Is a Huge Warning Flag
BT552 Mothers Always Mean Business
BT551 How Much Should Bulls Weigh?
BT550 Are Those Bulls Gaining Weight?
BT549 Get Those Bulls in Shape Now
BT548 Plan Now for May and June Bull Turnout
BT547 Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?
BT546 Calving Date – When?
BT545 Efficient, Fast-paced Growth?
BT544 Grass and Beef - The Future?
BT543 Source and Age Verification
BT542 Pausing to Ponder the Future of Beef
BT541 The Future of Beef, Cows and Grass
BT540 The Future of Beef – Global Competitiveness


2010 BeefTalk Articles


BT539 The Future of Beef – Consumer Issues and Demand
BT538 The Future of Beef II – Midsized Challenges
BT537 The Future of Beef II – Economics of Production, Processing and Marketing
BT536 The Future of Beef II
BT535 Simple Bull Talk
BT534 Simple Bull Rankings Fill the Bull Pen
BT533 Farewell Old Bulls?
BT532 Why Is My Grandfather a Steer?
BT531 The Obvious Is Not Always Obvious
BT530 Is Source and Age Verification Worth the Effort?
BT529 Source and Age Verification Through the Eyes of a Third-party Verifier
BT528 Worldly Communication Takes Third-party Verification
BT527 The Higher Priced Calves Bought Supper
BT526 Five Key Points to Calf Records
BT525 Shrews, Cows and GMO Salmon
BT524 Managers Need High Goals for Cow Reproductive Rates
BT523 2010 Production Benchmarks Are In
BT522 One Bad Steer Spoils the Lot
BT521 Late-calving Cows Simply Are That, Late-calving
BT520 Two-thirds of the Pie Is Not a Bad Deal, Maybe
BT519 Fed-calf Value a Plus
BT518 Failure Is Only Looking at Yesterday
BT517 Feeding Cattle Adds Balance to the Cow-calf Operation
BT516 For the Bulls, It Is Time to Come Home
BT515 A Closeout Worth Some Smiles
BT514 Hay Mow Swings Gone Forever
BT513 A Herd of Cows Is a Group of Individuals
BT512 Roaming Bulls Are a Brute Force
BT511 Can Do, Must Do and Need To
BT510 Is the Time Right for Breeding Systems?
BT509 The Burden Is on the Producer to Use the Right Tools
BT508 Enter Small Cows, Stage Right
BT507 A Few Nickel
BT506 An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure
BT505 Early Calving Cows Are Keepers
BT504 New Things Are Happening, So Stay Tuned
BT503 Source and Age Verification, Ouch!
BT502 Review This Spring’s Calving Distribution Report Card
BT501 Bull Checkup Time
BT500 Bulls Deserve a Good Vaccination Program
BT499 Slowly Adapt New Bulls to Their New Home
BT498 Calving Time, So Far, So Good
BT497 No Fun, No Sun
BT496 Ear Tags Have It
BT495 Raise the Beef You Want by Buying the Genetics You Need
BT494 Breed Percentile Tables, Performance Unveiled
BT493 Genomics - And That Leads to a Better Beef Business
BT492 We Want to Avoid the Word ‘Baffling’ for Good Reason
BT491 Thank You to the Brown Coverall Brigade
BT490 What You Want You Cannot See
BT489 Can You Afford to Develop Replacement Heifers?
BT488 Have You Ever Considered a Replacement Heifer Enterprise?
BT487    A New Year's Resolution - Apply What We Know


2009 BeefTalk Articles


BT486 Maybe We Should Slow Down and Ask for Directions
BT485 Top 10 Suggestions for Change
BT484 You Got to Know When to Hold‘em, Know When to Fold‘em
BT483 Understanding and Proactive Is Better Than Defensive and Average
BT482 Young Minds, More Questions
BT481 With Every Ear Tag, There Should Be a Cow Attached
BT480 The Value of Beef: More Figures and More Headaches
BT479 We Too Are Resting in Someone's Hand
BT478 Collaborative Thought Is Better Than Competitive Strategy
BT477 Do You Know Your IMPS numbers?
BT476 Starting From Scratch Should Bolster Confidence
BT475 Four Tons of Calf Is Not Easy to Give Up
BT474 Just Under the Floorboards
BT473 Age and Source Verification
BT472 Today's Market Preparation Begins with an Ear Tag
BT471 The Simpler the Better
BT470 Knowledge and Wisdom Should be the Goal
BT469 Not All Land Is Created Equal
BT468 One Out of Five Is Not Good Enough
BT467 Why Are the Raspberries Still Here?
BT466 Four Points to Think About
BT465 2009 Production Benchmarks Are In
BT464 Ranching is a Balance Among Land, Grass and Beef
BT463 Capturing Value Is The Name Of The Beef Game
BT462 What Is the Real Value In a Beef Herd?
BT461 How Does One Stay in the Beef Business?
BT460 The Plight of Being Average
BT459 The Curves Are Getting Tight
BT458 Small Cattle Need Muscle
BT457 The Right Bulls Produce the Right Calves
BT456 Opinions Count, But So Do Numbers
BT455 One Needs to know Costs
BT454 Calving Date Equals Latitude and Altitude
BT453 I’m Getting Too Old for the Chicken Dance
BT452 What is EPD?
BT451 The Tag Takes a Team
BT450 The Stress and Strength of the Prairie
BT449 Bedding Beef Cows Is Essential
BT448 Horses and Beef, They Still Go Together
BT447 Why Is It We Always Talk About the Bull Last?
BT446 Unwanted Calf Average Daily Gain
BT445 There is No Profit from Calves that Cost $2.80 Per Pound
BT444 Alfalfa Is a Great Supplement
BT443 Three Numbers to Think About
BT442 Feed the Cows and Feed Them Right
BT441 Responsibility From Beginning To End
BT440 Know Your Environment Because Cows Depend On It
BT439 Easier to Haul Home a New Bull Than a New Cow Herd
BT438 Making Sense of the Bull Pen
BT437 Who Is In The Bull Pen?
BT436 Buying the Right Bull Means Checking His Grades


2008 BeefTalk Articles


BT435 A New Year Means a New Bull
BT434 No Least Cost Here
BT433 Really, Tell Me More!
BT432 Cows Should Not Be Gift-wrapped
BT431 Your Bill Is $52.87, So Pay Up
BT430 Do You Know When Your Cows Will Calve Next Spring?
BT429 Three Pedals, But Only Two Feet
BT428 Contentious Readability
BT427 The Weather Is Nice, But the Cows Are Thin
BT426 Fewer Cows, Less Feed
BT425 Husbandry and Science Overlap, But Not Completely
BT424 Pregnancy Check - Better to be Surprised Now Than at Calving
BT423 Coins or Calves, I Guess It's the Law
BT422 Tips for Marketing Cows and Bulls
BT421 Market Cows and Bulls Are Not Culls
BT420 Pounds Weaned Per Cow Exposed Holding at 500 Pounds
BT419 Tough Decisions at Cow Culling Time
BT418 Buy Feed by Value, Not Pounds
BT417 Pregnancy Check Now For Better Management
BT416 Now That Hurts!
BT415 I Pledge My Head to Clearer Thinking
BT414 Fight the DNA Helix
BT413 Understanding Data Takes Time, Focus and Dedication
BT412 Cow Size - Effects of Cow Size on Pasture Management
BT411 Cow Size - Calf Value
BT410 The Great Divide: Group Versus Individual Data
BT409 Do We Exist Only If Someone Else Knows We Exist?
BT408 With Cow Size, One Can't Forget Production Potential
BT407 This Is Next Year Country
BT406 Life Goes On
BT405 Cow Size – To Win the Race, You Must Know What Race You Are In
BT404 Cow Size – Dry Lot Versus Pasture
BT403 Cow Size – How Much More Does the Big Cow Eat?
BT402 Cow Size – Big and Very Big Cows Do Exist
BT401 Cow Size – A Foundational Issue
BT400 One Size Does Not Fit All
BT399 Now Is the Time to Sort Old Cows
BT398 Develop Drought Plan When Cows Are Close
BT397 Heads Up – It’s Calving Time
BT396 EPDs Provide Knowledge, Producers Provide Wisdom
BT395 EPD Accuracy – Contemporary Groups
BT394 EPD Accuracy – Possible Changing Values
BT393 Bull Buying Basics – The Numbers Are Real, But Not Absolute
BT392 Bull Buying Basics – Accuracy
BT391 Bull Buying Basics – The Package Counts, Not the Wrapping
BT390 Bull-buying Basics – Get to Know the Numbers and Performance Will Follow
BT389 Control Costs, But Don’t Sacrifice Bull Nutrition, Health and Genetics
BT388 Wind and Cold Are a Dangerous Combination For Bulls
BT387 Adaptability, Body Condition Closely Connected
BT386 Don’t Overlook the Value of Cattle Hair
BT385 Prevention and Early Intervention Are Keys to Unlocking the Sick Pen
BT384 Gosh, Mom, We Just Have to Make That


2007 BeefTalk Articles



BT383 Would You Prefer Doggies or Dogies?
BT382 It’s Always Nice to Talk Cattle
BT381 It’s Not Cheap to Raise a Good Ranch Horse
BT380 Where Do All the Colts and Fillies Go?
BT379 Beef Techie – Maybe a New Career
BT378 Animal Identification and Disease Management are Closely Linked
BT377 A Burden or Opportunity?
BT376 The Key and the Calf Have Value
BT375 Forward Thinkers Always Are Needed in the Beef Industry
BT374 Buy a Scale
BT373 Load’em Up and Bring Those “Doggies” Home
BT372 Opportunity Comes with Intensity
BT371 Replacement Heifer Roundup
BT370 Stress-free Calves – No Hot Shots, Whips or Sticks
BT369 Is It Ever Too Dry To Grow a Plant?
BT368 The Willow Stick and Water – Can’t Live Without It
BT367 Don’t Forget That Every Good Rose Has Good Thorns
BT366 Change Is Slow, But It Is Coming
BT365 Animal Identification Slowly Is Becoming a Maze That Goes Nowhere
BT364 What Happened to the Calving Book?
BT363 Wrecks Are Not Desirable; Vaccinate Your Calves Now
BT362 Is What We Say What We Do?
BT361 Now is the Time to Plan for Preconditioned Calves
BT360 Roving Thoughts on a Hot Summer Day
BT359 Beef Business Full of Joyful and Sorrowful Producers
BT358 Back to the Fungus
BT357 Attention to Details is worth $1,247,872.50
BT356 Grass is Not Free
BT355 Pasture and Range, the Second Priority for Cow-calf Producers
BT354 Mushrooms - Success is in the Details
BT353 Herd Nutrition is the Foundation of the Cow Herd
BT352 Cave Images Just Can’t Compete with Cell Phone Text
BT351 Lowline Steer Value Plus Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics
BT350 “These Cattle Were Very Interesting”
BT349 Lowline Cattle – Matching Calving Ease with Value on the Rail
BT348 Loala Bulls Impact Calving Ease
BT347 Life Does Not Come Easy
BT346 Damn – I Just Can’t Get It
BT345 Is Manure a Waste Problem or a Resource?
BT344 Someone You Should Get To Know – Your Waste Management Professional
BT343 Remind Me Later
BT342 Precalving Should Mean Contented Cows
BT341 Vaccinate and Get ahead of the Storm
BT340 A Review of a Good Sale Catalog
BT339 Good Bull Buying Rests on Knowing Your Cattle
BT338 Good Bull Ads Let the Data Shine
BT337 True or False - The Biggest Blowfish Use EPDs
BT336 Animal Identification, a Reality or Simply a Perception
BT335 Don’t Buy Blowfish, Use EPDs
BT334 The Annual Bull Buying Season Starts – Time to Bone Up on EPDs
BT333 The Future Starts with Common Sense
BT332 The Future of Beef – Proven Bulls


2006 BeefTalk Articles


BT331 The Future of Beef – Animal Welfare
BT330 The Future of Beef – Food Safety and Animal Health Issues
BT329 The Future of Beef – Labor Issues
BT328 Most Cow-calf Producers Are Animal-feeding Operations
BT327 The Future of Beef – Environmental Issues for Beef
BT326 Beef Cow Waste Creates Challenges for the Future
BT325 The Future of Beef – Global Competitiveness
BT324 The Future of Beef – Consumer Issues and Demand
BT323 The Future of Beef – Midsized Challenges
BT322 The Changing Face of Beef Production
BT321 The Future of Beef
BT320 A Call to Arms Because the Rooster Crowed
BT319 Do Not Cut Out Tags
BT318 Do You Have Your SRMs Managed by the Correct PVP or QSA?
BT317 Source and Age Verification Are Two Different Concepts
BT316 Verification - Same Story, Different Time
BT315 Verify Is a Verb, Which Means Action
BT314 Now Is the Time to Plan Ahead For Thin Cows
BT313 Beef Cows are What They Eat
BT312 Early Weaning is Certainly a Viable Option in Drought Conditions
BT311 A Cow's Production Needs to Cover Expenses
BT310 The J Game – Vaccinate
BT309 Drought and Infertility – Find the Fertile Cattle and Sell the Rest
BT308 Early Cow Pregnancy Check Can Create Marketing Options
BT307 Late-calving Cows Can Be Costly
BT306 Grazing Plan Will Eliminate the Need to Hit Panic Button
BT305 Ten Observations on Animal Identification
BT304 Did You Miss Your Rotation Date?
BT303 Keep Your Bull at Home
BT302 Source- and Age-verified Replacements Are Hard to Find
BT301 Shrink – $20 Worth of Understanding
BT300 Reduce Summer Stress on Calves by Developing a Vaccination Program
BT299 People Are Not Robots
BT298 Electronic Identification - Two Steps Ahead, One Back
BT297 Ear Tags Are Like Seed - Only the Beginning
BT296 Tagging Calves - Know Your Speed, Distance and Escape Route
BT295 Attitude Change Alert
BT294 A Shining Star - Zero Dollar Feedlot Treatment Costs
BT293 When Should I Turn Out the Bulls?
BT292 Paranoia Can Overwhelm Common Sense Solutions
BT291 Numbers, Different Functions, Different Outcomes
BT290 Calving and Pac-Man – Now is the Time
BT289 The Morning Paper
BT288 Good Beef Management Includes Forage Planning
BT287 Index Traits Can Simplify Bull Purchase Procedure
BT286 Prepare for Calving: Get a Calving Book and Use It
BT285 Visit Your Nutritionist Now or Your Veterinarian Later
BT284 Reality Hits Hard
BT283 Bull-buying Homework: Study Numbers, Make Good Choices
BT282 Power Drives Technology
BT281 The Beef Business is Full of Optical Illusions
BT280 Bulls Are Valuable Assets, and Now Is the Time to Evaluate the Old Bulls


2005 BeefTalk Articles



BT279 Let's Check the Bull Pen
BT278 Yield Grade Can be Confusing in Calculating Value
BT277 Feedlot Data Linked to Quality Data on the Rail
BT276 The Sum of the Parts Makes Up the Whole
BT275 Cha-ching - Management Systems Impact Dollars
BT274 No Error Is Greater Than Life
BT273 Can You Compete?
BT272 Change and Productivity Should Move In Unison
BT271 CalfAID - A USDA Process Verified Program
BT270 Be Proactive, the Bite is Better if it Isn't Out of One's Own Rear
BT269 Are Your Cows On a Weight-control Program?
BT268 Sound Production Practices - Animal Identification and Waste Management
BT267 Thinking is more important than talking
BT266 Calf Growth Makes the Beef Business
BT265 Calf source verification must happen at the source
BT264 Calving Distribution is an Excellent Trait to Evaluate Reproduction
BT263 The 21st century has started with good calving percentages
BT262 Ear tags produce numbers that can evolve into data
BT261 500 Pounds Weaned Per Cow Exposed, A New CHAPS Benchmark
BT260 Pain Has No Value
BT259 Data Is the Power Behind the Ear Tag
BT258 Be Careful When Signing Age and Source Verifiable Contracts
BT257 New Words for an Old Business; Brace Yourself
BT256 Do you know what AFO means?
BT255 $20 per calf covers identification, data management and traceback
BT254 Manual tracking outdoes electronic tracking to date
BT253 Tracking cattle requires more than an EID ear tag
BT252 Grass and Fairy Rings Create Opportunities
BT251 Nurturing Is Key Part of Rural Circle of Life
BT250 The National Animal Identification System's Key Components
BT249 The NAIS Animal ID Plan, Multiple Purposes, But a Single Focus???
BT248 Seen Any Tag Fairies Lately?
BT247 A Defining Moment: 22 Pages of Details in the NAIS Plan
BT246 Beef Industry Needs Cooperation
BT245 Make Way for the Little Guy, He's Paying His Bills
BT244 A Tale of Four Calves; Retain Common Sense
BT243 Before the bulls go out, Ask "Is this the right time?"
BT242 Beef Producers Need a Green Thumb
BT241 Long-term value is better than short-term premium
BT240 Individual tracking system not ready for prime time
BT239 Cut-out ear tag is a 9 on the Richter scale
BT238 North Dakota Stockmen's Brand Inspection Service Adds 15 Percent
BT237 Tracking, backtracking and retracking - the saga continues
BT236 Currently, out of every 100 calves entering the marketing system, 15 are lost
BT235 Take a look, it's in your hands
BT234 Ear tags - The key to the future, don't throw away the key
BT233 Don't hesitate, now is the time to order calf ear tags
BT232 Beef production - Are you in the game, on the bench or in the stands?
BT231 EPDs - Understanding the Basics
BT230 Overhead Costs Loom Big in Working Cattle on Range
BT229 Tagging Cattle Challenges Time Management Concept

2004 BeefTalk Articles


BT228 Production, Marketing Plans Need to be Evaluated Separately
BT227 A Cow Is Still a Cow, But How We Manage That Cow Is Changing
BT226 Premises Identification - How Does It Affect Beef Producers?
BT225 Eyeball to Eyeball, It’s Never Too Late to Speculate
BT224 Late Calving Cows: Lost Weight, Lost Dollars
BT223 Proper Bull Care Now Will Bring Dividends Next Spring
BT222 Clean Out the Cull Bulls and Save Feed Inventory
BT221 Beef Is What’s for Dinner
BT220 Tonight There is One Less
BT219 Read Owner’s Manual before Using the Trailer
BT218 A Wild Ride, But a Lesson Learned
BT217 More Power, More Pounds; Six Minutes Could Save a Life
BT216 Calf Vaccination Expenses Trivial In Comparison to Value of Calf
BT215 CHAPS: basic information and decision-making power
BT214 Bellowing Calves Lose $2 to $3 in Value Daily
BT213 How Do You Spell Beef? Change
BT212 Where Have All the Beef Cows Gone?
BT211 The Ever Changing Cost of Putting in a $2 Ear Tag
BT210 Pac Man 101: Vaccinate Against Foreign Invasion
BT209 The Roar of Silence Present When Technology Takes a Hit
BT208 Net Calf Value Return Exceeds $750 Record
BT207 Data Collected From Beef Cattle Is Good Only If Used
BT206 Death in the Feedlot – A Harsh Pocketbook Reality
BT205 Death On The Prairie
BT204 Do You Want to Early Wean?
BT203 The Fire Drill: A False Positive Test
BT202 When Dealt a Royal Flush, Bid High
BT201 The Value of Data - $41,667
BT200 Be Ready for the Big “Swoosh”
BT199 How many cows are in heat? Are they ready for breeding?
BT198 Trees, People, Cattle, Graduates: All Important Industry Elements
BT197 An Electronic ID Project to Help Beef
BT196 Develop Drought Strategies Before You Need to Cull Cows
BT195 Are Seasonal Effects on Birth Weight Real?
BT194 We Have Lift Off
BT193 Acceptable Means Raising a Calf With Marketability
BT192 Buy Bulls that Graduate at the Top of Their Class
BT191 Sire Selection Made Easy: Pick From the Top 25 Percent
BT190 Gain is for Profit, Not Cost Recovery
BT189 Pick the High Spot, Provide Some Protection and Bedding
BT188 Picking Up the Tab: An Uneasy Moment
BT187 Shrink - The Hidden Cost Left To Blow In The Dust
BT186 Facility and Equipment Costs are Part of National ID Program
BT185 Equipment Is Pricey, But Life Is Priceless
BT184 Ninety seconds and counting: the cost of labor in cattle ID
BT183 Do You Know What USAIP Stands For?
BT182 Remember the Black Cow You Purchased Back in ’04?
BT181 Cold Snow Creates Imagery While Challenging People and Cows
BT180 Crossbreeding Provides Real Economic Opportunities
BT179 Cattle Breeds and Grazing Systems Make for Good Discussion
BT178 Whether or Not There Is Profit, Producers Deal with Realizers
BT177 You Can Bet Your Ribeye Steak that Ranchers Will Adapt and Survive
BT176 Sum of the Parts Determines Beef Carcass Value


2003 BeefTalk Articles


BT175 Our Industry’s Future Rests with New Generations
BT174 White or Red, What Meat are Your Cows Producing?
BT173 Yield Grade Affects Beef Pricing Scales
BT172 Use Benchmarks to Establish In-Herd Quality Grades
BT171 Ever Wonder What Quality Grade Is?
BT170 Working to Get More “er” From the Calf Crop
BT169 Female Inventory Change Analysis is Big Benefit of Commercial Records
BT168 Market Power Creates Sale Options for Heifers
BT167 Knowing How to Compare Apples to Oranges is Critical
BT166 A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush, Maybe
BT165 Ear Tags are Only for Those Who Surrender
BT164 Managing Costs Can Help Bank High Calf Income
BT163 Calculate Numbers to Provide Money for Future Generations
BT162 Mobile, Multiple-Use Power Units Replace the Farm Truck
BT161 Can You Comprehend the Vastness of the Beef Industry?
BT160 Focus on Profit Items for Successful Beef Production
BT159 Use Herd Benchmarks to Evaluate Performance
BT158 The Future of the Beef Business Involves Records on Total Herd Performance
BT157 Early Pregnancy Checking Can Increase Sale Options
BT156 Herd Health Directly Affects Beef Cattle Profit
BT155 Herd Health is Paramount to Profits
BT154 2002 Steer Crop Provided Insights and Profits
BT153 Steer 2180 Sets the Performance Goal
BT152 Biosecurity Issues Affect Beef Industry Production
BT151 Risk and Potential Benefits Need Managing for Successful Outcome
BT150 Know the Numbers When Making Ownership Decisions
BT149 Fear of Unknown Prompts Retained ownership Reluctance
BT148 Low-Cost and High-Cost Producers May View Price Projections Differently
BT147 Projected Steer Value is Key in Retained Ownership Decisions
BT146 Can the Cow Do What We Want Her to do?
BT145 Tagging and Tracking Cows is not as Simple as it Sounds
BT144 Evaluating the Costs of Source Verification
BT143 Producers Know their Cattle with “SmartCows”
BT142 Cull Cows Now or Take 40 Cents on the Dollar Come Fall
BT141 Paperwork Without Trust is Environmentally Unsound
BT140 Bull Shopping Can Be a Success with the Right Data
BT139 Examination is as Important as Cow Reproduction Preparation
BT138 Base Calving Season Changes on Costs, Resource Availability
BT137 For a Real Weather Report, Ask you Grandparents
BT136 Managing Within the Circle of Life
BT135 Data Study Helps Evaluation of Moderate Framed Beef Cows
BT134 Records Can Provide Opportunities for Maximum Heterosis
BT133 AI Sire Selection Criteria Aids in Building a Uniform Cow Herd
BT132 Heifers are Half Done Calving Before Their Expected Calving Date
BT131 Selection in Bull Buying Can Lessen Surprises in Calf Crop
BT130 Data Collection Gives Accuracy to Trait Selection in Beef Cattle
BT129 Genetic Train Includes 60 Chromosomes in Each Cell Working to Make Beef
BT128 Professional Producers Show Meaning of “Here’s the Beef”
BT127 Cows are Coming Off the Corn in Good Shape
BT126 Records Provide the Proof When Looking for Bull Power
BT125 Data Analysis is Important Part of Calf Finishing Phase
BT124 Cow Value is Important to Create Cash Flow Value


2002 BeefTalk Articles


BT123 Closed for Inventory – Come Back Tomorrow
BT122 Preparation Involves Accepting Yourself and the Things You Can’t Control
BT121 Young and Old Cows Just Need a Little Extra Care
BT120 Improve Calving Distribution by Proper Winter Management
BT119 Use Lazy L to Make Inventory Reductions
BT118 I Wish, I Wish, for a Lifestyle Called Beef
BT117 Thin Cows or Fat Cows - Which is Better?
BT116 Calculating Shrink on Sale Calves Can Be Your Profit
BT115 Depopulation is the Fork in the Road Where Change Meets Opposition
BT114 Cow Choppers vs. Corn Choppers
BT113 Is the Investment in Corn Chopping Worth the Potential Income?
BT112 Grid Marketing Demands Knowledge of Markets and Your Cattle
BT111 How do I get $600 for My Calves?
BT110 Hold onto Your Soil; It Is the Heart of Our Livelihood
BT109 Retained Ownership Needs a Meaningful Relationship
BT108 Beef Production From a Bull’s Eye Point Of View
BT107 In the World of Agriculture, Almost is Not Good Enough
BT106 Decisions Based on Data Improve Odds, Can Help with Time Crunch
BT105 Labor and Facilities for $1 Per Head is a Pre-Weaning Bargain
BT104 Very Dry Years Can Trigger Early Weaning of Calf Crop
BT103 Wean Early; Cull Early and Deep; Order Your Feed From the East
BT102 Early Weaning Can Alleviate Feed Management Concerns
BT101 Sort Young, Thin Cows Before Winter Arrives
BT100 Nutritional Needs Important During Drought Management
BT099 Have a Plan to Get Rid of Freeloading Cows
BT098 Rapid Food Product Changes Demand Close Attention to Bull Selection
BT097 Produce Six More Bags of Cow Cake By Harvesting Forage at the Optimum Time
BT096 Allow Calves to Grow Quickly, But Use a Pinch of Economics
BT095 June Is Time to Shift Into Neutral Before the Next Crunch Time
BT094 How Do We Balance the Books When They’re Off by $78,837?
BT093 Check Your Bulls as Often as You Check Your Cows
BT092 Are Your Cows Ready to Breed?
BT091 Marketing Plans Need to be Formulated Now
BT090 Beef Business Profit Involves Precious Management Skills
BT089 Considering the Future of Animal Agriculture – Should it Expand Here?
BT088 Calving and Weaning Dilemmas Closely Connected by Weather
BT087 Cow Breeding Is Our Focus Now
BT086 Are You Monitoring for Johne’s Disease?
BT085 How Many Cows Do You Have?
BT084 Life Is a Moment, But It Is Our Only Moment!
BT083 Evaluate Sire Selection Birth Weights Using Data
BT082 Beef Industry Changes Appear on the Horizon
BT081 Beef Production Equation Involves Bull, Cow Qualities
BT080 Scientific Method Is Just the Facts, Opinion Is for the Entertainers
BT079 EPDs Are Road Signs for the Beef Producer
BT078 That Cow Wasn’t Supposed to Calve Today
BT077 Why Not Indicators for Beef Bulls?
BT076 Use EPDs to Design Your Beef Production Plan
BT075 Bull Sale Season Has Begun; Start Your EPDs
BT074 Did You Do Your Best? Did You Have Fun?
BT073 Track Enterprise Income to Develop Beef Production Plan
BT072 Inventory Count Is Essential to Write Profit, Loss Equation
BT071 A Handshake Communicates Honesty, Good Luck and Thanks


2001 BeefTalk Articles


BT070 No Dead Slips Please
BT069 Keeping Bulls Out of Sight and Out of Mind Can Lead to Disaster
BT068 Listen to Ideas from the Next Generation of Beef Producers
BT067 Positive Economic Benefits Possible by Studying Numbers
BT066 Out-wintering Is a Challenge That Presents Opportunities
BT065 Do You Know the Variation in Your Herd Performance?
BT064 Sleeping With the Calves
BT063 Not All Make It to the Finish Line, but 2001 Numbers are Good
BT062 Good Questions are Abundant, but Answers Require Solid Research
BT061 Is Management or Genetics Responsible for Slackers?
BT060 Net Returns Look Positive for 5 Years -- What’s Next?
BT059 Good Number Use Can Minimize Risk Exposure
BT058 Increased Calf Value, Not Premiums Can Be Realized
BT057 Option Processing -- How to Use Forages for Fall Cattle Grazing
BT056 The Horse Did Not Get Saddled Today
BT055 Retained Ownership Could Give Families a 16 Percent Raise
BT054 When to Sell the Calves?
BT053 The Final Report Card Is Here for Last Year’s Calves
BT052 Get the Most Bang for your Buck: Cull Those Heifers Now
BT051 Attention to Detail Necessary for Quality Beef Cow Records
BT050 Ogeechee - Brighter from the East, Record Keeping Continues to Progress
BT049 Collect Data Now to Gain Knowledge for Decisions
BT048 Eliminate Complacency -- Make Those Round Bales Big and Tie Them Tight
BT047 Hay Harvest Time Sets Scene To Calculate Winter Feed Needs
BT046 Now Is Time to Check for Breeding Success
BT045 2002 Spring Work Schedule Takes Shape for Producers
BT044 Cowsonality -- Familiarity That Creates Producer Predictability
BT043 Sire Power is Important Part of Successful Beef Enterprises
BT042 Generational Differences Exist, Attention to the Basics Is Lesson Learned
BT041 Calving Reflections
BT040 The World’s Best Beef Is Made in the Northern Great Plains
BT039 Review Numbers Carefully To Maximize Beef’s Profit Potential
BT038 Do You Belong in the Beef Business?
BT037 Conservative View of Opportunities Will Minimize Risk, Aid in Production
BT036 Successful Beef Production Involves and Artists Attention to Details
BT035 Your Feedlot Game Plan - Is It Responsive to Your Situation?
BT034 Are Your Heifers Ready to Breed?
BT033 Changing Calving Date Can Impact Income Opportunities
BT032 Retained Ownership - Is Your Decision Based on Factual Data?
BT031 Sorting by the Numbers can Relieve Some Feedlot Mangement Problems
BT030 For Beef Producers, Caring for Living, Breathing Animals is Top Priority
BT029 Be Aware of Needs, Supply When Looking to Buy Bulls
BT028 Have You Investigated all the Options of Beef Production
BT027 Sire Selection Decisions Have a Long-Term Impact on the Herd
BT026 Cow Contentment is Evident when Calls are only to the Next Pen
BT025 Serious Bull Buying Requires Window Shopping and Numbers Homework
BT024 Use Data and Benchmark Values to Buy Bulls as an Investment
BT023 Buying Bulls by the Numbers can Provide Data and Increase Profit
BT022 Heifer Calves Present Value-Added Economic Opportunity
BT021 Raising Bred Heifers - Is It Worth the Returns?
BT020 Know Your Costs When Buying Hay for Energy


2000 BeefTalk Articles


BT019 Count Those Cows - And Determine Your Hay Needs
BT018 Consider Production Potential When Buying Cows
BT017 Plan Cow Herd Replacement by Evaluating CHAPS Data
BT016 Beef Value Increase is Major Contributor to Local Economies
BT015 Give Special Care to Cows that will be Three Years Old. They Need It
BT014 Sound Sorting Makes Good Sense in Beef Management
BT013 Winners are the Profit Takers in Beef Business
BT012 Use Technology to Make Management Decisions
BT011 A Cow’s-Eye-View of Weaning
BT010 Weather Change Heightens Awareness of Weaning Time
BT009 Calves, Cowboys and Pickups - Transportation Costs Are Often a Hidden Charge
BT008 Producers Can’t Management What They Don’t Measure
BT007 Vaccinating Pays
BT006 Determining the True Value of Calved Can be Tough
BT005 Data Needs to be Collected to Aid Management Plans
BT004 Prepare Now for Future Calving Seasons
BT003 Fall and Pregnant Cows: Make Measurements Now
BT002 Pounds Weaned Per Cow Exposed: How Herds Differ
BT001 Pounds Weaned Per Cow Exposed: An Important Production Trait



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