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2019 Annual Report


Complete report  pdf 5.5 MB



Summary of the Year  pdf 1.1 MB

Weather for the 2018-2019 Crop Year  pdf 516 KB

Staff and Advisory Board  pdf 493 KB



Changes in Floral Resource Availability in Rangelands Managed with Patch-burn Grazing: Implications for Pollinators  pdf 872 KB

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Avian Nest Survival in a Patch-burn Grazing System  pdf 989 KB

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Breeding Bird Community Composition in a Patch-burn and Modified Twice-over Rotational Grazing System  pdf 940 KB 

Cameron Duquette and Torre Hovick


Monarch and Regal Fritillary Behaviors in Grasslands with Restored Fire Regimes  pdf 3.7 MB

Brooke Karasch and Torre Hovick


Butterfly Community Response to Cattle Management Strategies  pdf 3.4 MB

Brooke Karasch and Torre Hovick


Shallow Soil Thermal and Hydrological Conditions beneath Kentucky Bluegrass Thatch and in Response to Thatch Removal  pdf 2.9 MB

Caley Gasch, Leslie Gerhard and Kevin Sedivec


Small Mammal Community Responses to Fire and Grazing in the Northern Mixed-grass Prairie  3.1 MB

Michael Hamel and Ryan Limb


Plant Community Dynamics under Multiple Land Management Strategies  pdf 3.9 MB

Michael Hamel, Ryan Limb, Erin Gaugler and Kevin Sedivec


Distribution of Cattle Changes during the Grazing Season under Patch-burn Grazing  pdf 2.3 MB

Megan Wanchuk and Devan McGranahan


Aboveground Cumulative Production on Rangelands using a Patch-burn Grazing System  pdf 490 KB

Erin Gaugler and Kevin Sedivec


Aboveground Cumulative Production with Rotational Grazing: Assessing a Modified Twice-over Rest-rotation Treatment  pdf 964 KB

Kevin Sedivec, Erin Gaugler, Michael Hamel, Ryan Limb, Devan McGranahan and Torre Hovick


Forage Production, Quality and Cost Comparison for Selected Varieties of Forage Oats, Forage Barley and Spring Triticale  pdf 2.4 MB

Scott Alm and Kevin Sedivec


Performance of Beef Cattle Overwintered on Bale-grazed Pasture or in a Dry Lot in South-central North Dakota  pdf 3.6 MB

Michael Undi, Kevin Sedivec and Stephanie Becker


Evaluation of Supplementation Strategies for Beef Cattle Bale Grazing Grass Hay in Winter  pdf 3.6 MB

Michael Undi, Kevin Sedivec and Stephanie Becker


The Effects of Energy Supplementation during Early Gestation on Development, Growth and Reproductive Performance in Beef Heifers  pdf 926 KB

Friederike Baumgaertner, Sarah R. Underdahl, Kevin K. Sedivec, James D. Kirsch, Sheri T. Dorsam, Kacie L. McCarthy, Joel S. Caton and Carl R. Dahlen


Examining Marker-assisted Management as a Strategy in Precision Agriculture to Maximize Carcass Traits and Production Efficiencies in Beef Cattle   pdf 572 KB

Jerica Hall and Alison Ward


Effects of Feeding 60% Dried Corn Distillers Grains Plus Solubles or the Equivalent Sulfur as CaSO4 to Yearling Angus Bulls on Glucose, Urea Nitrogen, and Trace Mineral Concentrations in Serum and Seminal Plasma  pdf 656 KB

Cierrah J. Kassetas, Joel S. Caton, James D. Kirsch, Sheri T. Dorsam, Kacie L. McCarthy, Matthew S. Crouse, Kevin K. Sedivec, Bryan W. Neville and Carl R. Dahlen


Effects of Feeding a Vitamin and Mineral Supplement and/or an Energy Supplement to Beef Heifers During the First 84 Days of Pregnancy on Heifer Performance, Concentrations of Progesterone, and Corpus Luteum Size and Fetal Body Measurements  pdf 799 KB

Kacie L. McCarthy, Jocelyn Nestande, Cierrah J. Kassetas, Friederike Baumgaertner, James D. Kirsch,Sheri T. Dorsam, Tammi L. Neville, Alison K. Ward, Pawel P. Borowicz, Lawrence P. Reynolds, Kevin K. Sedivec, J. Chris Forcherio, Ronald Scott, Joel S. Caton and Carl R. Dahlen


Utilizing an Electronic Feeder to Measure Individual Mineral Intake, Feeding Behavior, and Growth Performance of Cow-calf Pairs Grazing Native Range  pdf 840 KB

Kacie L. McCarthy, Michael Undi, Stephanie Becker and Carl R. Dahlen


Impacts of Patch Burn and Rotational Grazing to Create Heterogeneity in Grazing Patterns on Livestock Performance and Conception Rates on Kentucky Bluegrass-invaded Mixed-grass Prairie  pdf 2.4 MB

Kevin Sedivec, Erin Gaugler, Devan McGranahan, Timothy Long, Ryan Limb, Torre Hovick and Michael Hamel

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