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Crop Diversity


Crop diversity, is it out there? A review of the plantings from the Carrington Research Center’s Foundation Seed Increase Program suggests it is. The information provided from our seed inventory, current planting acres and customer base locations will point out some interesting data.                                   

Our current seed inventory for sale supports 8 crops and 32 varieties as shown in the table below.


The Center’s Foundation Seed Program has planted 12 crops and 31 varieties for the 2016 season. Four of the 12 are new crops and 11 of the 31 are experimental varieties. As with all experimental increases, some will be released and some will be dropped based upon the latest research trial test results from multiple years. The following table shows our planting acreages for 2016.


We planted a total of 1432 acres for 2016.            

Our customer base reaches beyond the local region. For example, in the past 5 years CREC foundation grade seed has moved into 9 different states. This includes: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Idaho, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado and Michigan. Canada has also been a recipient of the Center’s seed.  


Faba Beans

Lastly, here are some highlighted points:

  1. Of the 12 crops grown for 2016, 9 are cool season and 3 are warm season.
  2. The 9 cool season crops are represented with 24 varieties and the 3 warm season crops have 7 varieties.
  3. The average acres for each variety is 46, with a range of 1 acre to 130 acres.
  4. There is a customer/seedsman who has a need for every crop and variety of foundation grade seed that we are growing.

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