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Producer Cattle Feedout Projects at CREC Livestock Unit


Feeding cattle from weaning to harvest is wide spread throughout the mid-west and southern plains.  North Dakota has a large backgrounding and stocker industry with a smaller feeding to finish industry.  The feeding industry has potential for growth with recent feedyard expansion throughout North Dakota.

To aid the industry in growth, cattle feedout projects were developed at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC) using producer cattle. Producers can consign groups of their cattle in either October or May/June.  The cattle are fed to finish at the CREC Livestock Unit. Cattle are routinely weighed and carcass information is collected individually.  The cattle are marketed as a group with individual animal gross return determined via the carcass value.  Feeding costs are deducted from harvest value.

Producers are provided with monthly individual weights, carcass information, and detailed expenses and returns.

Enrollment in the project is either fall or summer.  The fall feedout project enrollment is via the Dakota Feeder Calf Show at Turtle Lake, ND in mid –October on the third Saturday.  Consignment groups are 3-4 head of calves.  The summer feedout project - ND Angus University – takes enrollment in late May/early June. Consignment groups are 5-30 head of calves. KarlVernFieldDay

Presently, the ND Angus University cattle averaged 5.05 pounds per day and 1028.4 pounds per head at the last weigh period.

In 2013 the ND Angus University cattle were on feed for 119 days, 853 pounds carcass weight, 0.53 inch backfat, 13.8 square inch ribeye, 24.7% Certified Angus Beef or Prime, and 77.7% USDA Choice or better.  Feed cost of gain was 88.5 cents per pound while to total cost of gain (without interest) was $1.07 per pound.

Each producer receives a detailed report for each of their animals in the project.  Using an estimated beginning value for the cattle, overall profit in 2013 was $99.47 per head for the ND Angus U feedout.

If interested in learning more about the feeding performance and value of your cattle,  contact Karl Hoppe, Vern Anderson, or Chanda Engel at 701-652-2951.

Karl Hoppe
Area Specialist, Livestock Systems

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