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Production Management

File 2017 The Effect of Energy Beets in a Crop Rotation
A crop rotation study to evaluate how energy beets affect cropping systems in central North Dakota.
File 2015 Soil Tillage Impact on Growth and Yields of Corn in Rotation with Energy Beet and Soybean
A project to assess the impact of energy beet as a preceding crop on corn yields.
File 2014 Irrigation Effects on Nitrogen Efficiency in Energy Beet, Carrington
Results of a 2014 study to evaluate nitrogen efficiency in energy beets across three different irrigation regimes.
File 2014 Energy Beet Establishment Factors
Results of studies to determine how energy beet yields are influenced by several establishment factors including planting method, plant population and planting date.
File Octet Stream 2013 Utilizing Energy Beets for Saline Soil Remediation in North Dakota
Results from a 2013 saline demonstration site indicate that energy beets can still be productive at soil salinity levels as high as an EC of 8.
File 2013 Fodder Beet Variety Trial
A trial to evaluate the yield potential of some fodder beets.
File 2013 CREC Annual Report of Research and Extension
File ECMAScript program 2013 CREC Annual Report Articles
File PS document 2012 Energy Beet Performance in a Saline Environment and Comparison to Other Cash Crops
A trial to evaluate a few crops for their relative tolerance to a saline environment.
File PDF document 2008 Sugarbeet Hybrid-Tillage Study
The results from a 2008 experiment at the Oakes Irrigation Research Site to test sugarbeet hybrid-tillage.
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