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2017 Variety Release Information

The following new NDAES developed varieties will be available for distribution to the County Seed Increase Program during the spring of 2017 (performance information attached):

New Conventional Soybean “ND Benson” - tested as exp. # ND10-3464

New Conventional Soybean “ND Stutsman” - tested as exp. # ND10-3067

New Transgenic Glyphosate Resistant Soybean “ND17009GT” - tested as exp. # ND12-21598

New Hard Red Spring Wheat “ND VitPro” - tested as exp. # ND825


ND Benson Soybean (tested as experimental ND10-3464) is a conventional, non-GMO variety with white flower color, gray pubescence color, tan pods with buff hila color and intermediate shiny seed coat luster. The pedigree of ND Benson is ND03-7566 X [ND03-5441 X LaMoure]. The pedigree of ND03-5441 is Barnes X MN9002CN. The pedigree of ND03-7566 is Barnes X MN9002CN. It is resistant to Race 3 & 4 of phytophthora root rot and is highly-resistant to Soybean Cyst Nematode. ND Benson is a 0.4 maturity group with high yield, good tolerance to iron-deficiency chlorosis, and is lodging resistant.

ND Stutsman Soybean (tested as experimental ND10-3067) is a conventional, non-GMO experimental line with purple flower color, gray pubescence color, brown pods with yellow hila color and dull seed coat luster. The pedigree of ND Stutsman is Sheyenne X LaMoure. It is resistant to Race 3 of phytophthora root rot but is not resistant to Soybean Cyst Nematode. ND Stutsman is a 0.7 maturity group experimental line with high yield. ND Stutsman is lodging resistant and tolerant to iron-deficiency chlorosis. ND Stutsman is not sensitive to the herbicide metribuzin.

ND17009GT Soybean (tested as experimental ND12-21598 (GLY)) is resistant to glyphosate herbicide and is a genetically modified organism (GMO). ND17009GT has the pedigree OAC07-26C X RG607RR. ND17009GT has white flower color, tawny pubescence, brown pod with black hila and shiny seed coat luster. It is resistant to Race 4 of phytophthora root rot. ND17009GT is a 00.9 maturity group with high yield and moderate tolerance to iron-deficiency chlorosis. OAC07-26C has the pedigree ND95-1564 X OAC Champion. ND95-1564 has the pedigree Parker X Pioneer 9061.

ND VitPro HRSW (tested as experimental ND825) was selected from a cross made by Dr. Frohberg in Spring 2002. The line was derived from an F4 headrow in New Zealand in 2005, and first entered yield testing that same year. The pedigree of ND VitPro is: ND2849/ND721//ND735/3/Glenn.

ND VitPro spring wheat has improved straw strength over current NDSU varieties, high test weight, very high vitreous kernel percentage very high protein and great yields. ND VitPro matures approximately 2 days earlier than Faller and is about 1 inch shorter than Glenn. ND VitPro has low field leaf rust severity due to the presence of Lr34, moderate resistance to stem rust, and moderate scab resistance. There is no Ug99 data available at this time. Statewide, ND VitPro’s yield is most similar to Bolles. In the west, it is most similar to Boost or Barlow, with 0.4% higher protein at identical yields. In the east, it is most similar to Glenn, but with 0.4% higher protein at similar yields.

ND VitPro has milling and baking qualities similar to Barlow and Elgin-ND, with the exception of very high vitreous kernel percentages which is attractive to the Asian market.

In Addition:  Minnesota Experimental Station has released Lang-MN HRSW (tested as experimental MN10261-1).  If there is interest in foundation seed of this variety NDFSS will request an allocation from MN Foundation Seed.  Any seed producer receiving seed will be placed under the County Seed Increase Agreement.  The Increase Agreement allows the County and Increase Grower to downgrade registered to certified if desired, move seed out of the county with no deadline other than County approval and authorization.  There will be an Association fee and royalties on registered or certified seed sold but there will not be a set price for the registered or certified seed.  The registered or certified seed price is to be set by the Increase Grower. 

Lang-MN Spring Wheat

Lang-MN (MN10261-1) is a Hard Red Spring Wheat that combines yield, quality, and disease resistance. A medium maturity variety, it has yielded very well in state and regional testing. MN10261-1 has a good combination of overall disease resistance, including very good ratings for Fusarium head blight and bacterial leaf streak, and excellent ratings for leaf rust and stripe rust.  Heading 1 day earlier than Prosper, it is similar in height with slightly better straw strength. MN10261-1 has high protein, very good test weight, resistant to pre-harvest sprouting and has overall good end-use quality characteristics. Plant Variety Protection (PVP94) is pending. A research fee applies to this variety.

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