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The Ag Content Management System (Ag CMS) offers NDSU Agriculture faculty and staff an easy-to-use, flexible and effective environment for creating and maintaining web pages.

The Ag CMS is based on an open source content management system called Plone. For assistance, contact Bob Bertsch at 701-231-7381 or Sonja Fuchs at 701-231-6403.

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Ag CMS Web Site Revisions

The Ag CMS web site has been revised to add functionality and to integrate more effectively with the Agriculture Communication web site.

The Ag CMS web site has served as a central location for information about using the Ag CMS for about a year-and-a-half. In that time, we probably haven't utilized the site as effectively as we could have. However, with a new web technology specialist coming on-board soon. We are renewing our efforts to provide the information and resources you need to succeed in building your site in the Ag CMS.

Our renewed efforts have begun with a revision of the Ag CMS web site. We have made a handful of changes, including creating a new home page, updating request forms, adding links for logging in and reorganizing training and tutorials.

A New Home Page

The home page of the Ag CMS site will now feature the latest information about the Ag CMS in the form of blog posts. We have recently added the capability to display an Ag CMS folder or collection in "blog view." We are taking advantage of this new functionality on the Ag CMS home page. We'll be creating new posts frequently in an effort to keep you informed. These posts will be displayed on the home page and archived on the site for you to refer back to.

Updated Request Forms

The forms for requesting an account and a site in the Ag CMS have been updated and moved to Google Docs. This transition will have little affect on your use of these forms, but it will help us keep better track of your requests.

We have also added a form for a Go Live request. The "go live" process, which makes your site available to the public, used to be initiated by an email. now you can come to this site to complete the request.

Links for Logging In

Most Ag CMS users log in directly to their Ag CMS site using a URL sent to them via email when their site was first created. Sometimes this link gets lost. Sometimes one user manages more than one site and has trouble keeping track of the multiple login URLs.

To help address this problem, we have added login links to the right-side column of this site. Now users can click on the login link that matches the type of site they are trying to access, login with their username and password, and choose the site they want to manage from the left-side navigation.

Reorganizing Training and Tutorials

We have lagged sorely behind in developing Ag CMS training and tutorials. Although the web site revisions do not include new resources at this time, we have reorganized our existing resources to make them more accessible. Ag CMS training resources will now be hosted with all other communications training materials on the Agriculture Communication web site.

This reorganization reflects the increasing overlap in the different areas within Ag Comm. You'll still be able to find the Ag CMS resources by coming to the Ag CMS site.

Hope you enjoy the changes. There are definitely more to come.

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