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The Ag Content Management System (Ag CMS) offers NDSU Agriculture faculty and staff an easy-to-use, flexible and effective environment for creating and maintaining web pages.

The Ag CMS is based on an open source content management system called Plone. For assistance, contact Bob Bertsch at 701-231-7381 or Sonja Fuchs at 701-231-6403.

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Ag CMS Portlets To Be Made Unavailable

Some of the portlets in Ag CMS will no longer be available beginning May 24, 2013.
Ag CMS Portlets To Be Made Unavailable

Manage portlets screen in Ag CMS

Portlets are pre-programmed, templated tools that allow you to dynamically or creatively display content in the left and right side columns, as well as above and below content in Ag CMS desktop view. In mobile Ag CMS, portlets appear below the content.

There are currently 19 portlets available on the Ag Content Management System (Ag CMS), but some of those portlets offer little or no value or are not being used. In an effort to simplify the management of portlets, our Ag CMS team will be making some portlets unavailable  (see the full list below) beginning on May 24, 2013.

If your Ag CMS site is currently using a portlet that will become unavailable, don't worry. In all cases but one (the TAL portlet), you can continue to use that portlet on your site. Making portlets unavailable will remove them from the "Add Portlet" menu, but will not disable them on existing sites.

That said, we do recommend removing or replacing portlets that have become unavailable as soon as possible. In some cases, there is a portlet that will provide the same function as the portlet being made unavailable.

Managers of sites using portlets that will become unavailable will receive an email listing the soon-to-be unavailable portlets in use on their site and outlining options for removing or replacing them.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Bob Bertsch, 231-7381, or Sonja Fuchs, 231-6403.

Learn how to use portlets in Ag CMS

Portlets to be Made Unavailable

PortletReason for RemovalPossible Replacement
Calendar does not function correctly due to use of search to list day's events Events portlet
Classic provides no value in Ag CMS none
Facebook Feed Form provides little value in Ag CMS none
Login provides little value in Ag CMS none
RSS Feed does not correctly function Feed Mixer portlet
Search does not use our default custom Google search none
Tag Cloud provides little value in Ag CMS none
TAL provides little value in Ag CMS Static Text portlet
Video Player provides no value in Ag CMS none
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