Manage Stress for Better Health

Nourishing Your Mind and Body: Manage Stress for Better Health - FS 1730

People have different definitions of stress. Probably the most common definition is “physical, mental or emotion strain or tension.” Stress is different for all of us. People will perceive the same stressor in a number of ways and, therefore, react to it differently.

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Inventory of Important Papers

Inventory of Important Papers - FE446

Keeping family records in a businesslike manner saves time, trouble, money and frustration. This inventory will help families gather important records for safe keeping and quick access when those records are needed.

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Family Records

Family Records: What to Keep Where and For How Long - FE445

Families are like small business with important records about each family member and the business the family does over time. Keeping family records in an organized manner saves time, trouble, money and frustration.

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Custom Farm Work Rates

Custom Farm Work Rates on North Dakota Farms, 2013, by North Dakota Farming Regions - EC499

The rates in this publication are used as a guide in establishing rates for custom work, comparing ownership or leasing costs with custom work, settling accounts when two or more people exchange work.

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Family Communication and Estate Planning

Family Communication and Estate Planning - FS1684

Estate planning must be a financial priority at practically any phase of life. Sometimes the words estate planning, financial planning and retirement planning are interchangeable and refer to the same type of planning. People who plan ahead to manage their assets and financial resources will use appropriate professionals such as tax attorneys, accountants, financial planners and insurance agents to maximize their legacy to future generations and the community. Also, they organize their estate and related affairs so their desires are understood by family members and decisions are made ahead of time so family members are not left with many unresolved or difficult questions as a parent grows older.

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Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Consumers Guide to Reloadable Prepaid Cards - FE1679

When a prepaid card is reloadable, it generally is meant for longer-term use. Funds initially are deposited on the card and the card can be reloaded with more money at any time. It is the “reload” feature that distinguishes prepaid cards from gift cards. Consumers even may choose to have a paycheck direct deposited to a prepaid card.

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ND Aging Population

North Dakota's Aging Population: Profile and Trends of Seniors Ages 65 and Older - EC1673

This aging population brief presents a picture of the health, finances and well-being of adults ages 65 and older in ND. The brief focuses on well-being indicators including population, health care, economics, health risks, and behaviors and health status as well as cognitive impairment and caregiving.

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Family Money Manager

Family Money Manager - FE222

Money is an often-discussed topic in most families, usually centering on, “Where did it go?” More money usually is not the answer for solving financial concerns for most families. Instead, developing a plan for better money management will help most families feel more satisfied with their income and their progress toward goals.

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Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate - FE1521

The transfer of nontitled property, such as photographs and other family heirlooms, often creates more challenges among family members than the transfer of titled property.

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$mart About Money: Cars

Smart About Money: Cars - FE1599

Except for housing, most families spend more on transportation than on any other expense category. This publication can help you make wise decisions and learn ways to trim the cost of owning a car.

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Shopping For a New or Reduced-term Mortgage

Shopping For a New or Reduced-term Mortgage - FE242

By knowing what to look for and shopping around, you can save thousands of dollars in closing costs and interest payments during the life of your housing loan or mortgage. This publication will help with ideas on making housing decisions.

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Creating a Soup

Pinchin' Pennie$ in the Kitchen: 7 Steps to Creating a Soup - FN1648

A steaming bowl of soup is a hearty, healthful meal. You can use food from your pantry, freezer or leftovers from your refrigerator to make a tasty soup in about 30 minutes following these easy steps. Each pot of soup serves about four adults. The nutritional value varies depending on the ingredients you choose.

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Tips for Saving Energy and Money for Renters

Tips for Saving Energy and Money for Renters - AE1520

Finding ways to reduce energy use in a rented house or apartment may not seem easy. Here are a few simple things that can make a big difference to increase your comfort and reduce your energy bills if you rent.

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Small Business Myths and Realities

Small Business Myths and Realities - EC1590

Interested in starting your own business? To help make your decision, listen and gather information from a variety of sources. As you look at the information, you will find inconsistencies, plus some claims seem too good to be true. So what is fact and what is a myth? The following provides information about the realities of some of the more common entrepreneurial claims.

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Healthy, Wealthy and Whys

Healthy, Wealthy and Whys - FE1329

This publication provides strategies to improve your health and savings.

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Flood Recovery Checklists

Flood Recovery Checklists - DE1519

Recovering from a flood can be an overwhelming task, but this information from the NDSU Extension Service can help.

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Estate Planning in ND: The Basics Gifts, Life Insurance and Annuities

Estate Planning in North Dakota: The Basics Gifts Life Insurance and Annuities - FE555

A individual may accumulate a variety of properties during a lifetime. Three estate planning tools discussed here are gifts, life insurance and annuities.

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Estate Planning in ND: The Basics Trusts

Estate Planning in North Dakota: The Basics Trusts - FE554

A trust is an arrangement whereby someone holds legal title to and manages property for the benefit of someone else. The different types of trusts, provisions and other information is discussed in this publication.

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Estate Planning in ND: The Basics Gift and Estate Taxes

Estate Planning in North Dakota: The Basics Gift and Estate Taxes - FE552

This publication answers questions by introducing the basics of federal estate and gift taxes.

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Household Inventory

Household Inventory - FE223

This fillable form is designed to complete an inventory of household articles.

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