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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

Money Talk

Money Talk - FE1628

The articles in this magazine are intended to help you and your family learn positive money management techniques to adapt to these tough economic times.

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What Young Children Learn Through Play

Bright Beginnings #25 What Young Children Learn Through Play - FS1430

What do children learn from their play experiences? More than you might expect! Play opens the windows of learning in a child’s life and acquaints him or her with movement, observation, relationships, emotions and much more. Play time is learning time for young children.

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Eat Smart. Play Hard. Do You Need a Sports Drink? FN-1440

Eat Smart. Play Hard. Do You Need a Sports Drink? - FN1440

Sports drinks are recommended only to increase your physical performance if you are physically active for more than 60 to 90 minutes. Anything less, water should be the drink of choice because it’s better for hydration. Make sure to drink enough fluids before, during and after physical activity.

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Eat Smart. Choose Healthy Snacks FN-1439

Eat Smart. Choose Healthy Snacks - FN1439

Think of snacks as minimeals that help provide nutrients and energy you need to grow, play and learn. Most kids do best when they eat four to six smaller meals a day.

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Eat Smart. Choose Healthy Pre-and Post-game Meals FN-1438

Eat Smart. Choose Healthy Pre-and Post-game Meals - FN1438

Have a light meal so it can be digested easily. The pregame meal should include a variety of foods but focus on carbohydraterich food such as bread or pasta. Make sure to include grains, fruits and vegetables in the meal. Drink plenty of fluids.

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