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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

ND Durum Wheat 2009

North Dakota Durum Wheat Variety Trial Results for 2009 and Selection Guide - A1067-2009

Durum was planted on 1.7 million acres in North Dakota in 2009, a similar acreage to 2008. Precipitation was generally abundant in the durum-growing areas of North Dakota in 2009, and yields were well above average. The most commonly grown varieties in 2009 were Divide, Lebsock, Mountrail and Pierce, occupying 20.6, 16.9, 16.9 and 9.4 percent of the acreage planted, respectively. Alkabo and Ben were the next most important varieties.

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Wash Your Hands!

Wash Your Hands! - FN1444

No matter the language, hand washing is an important step in the fight against germs. Follow these guidelines for proper hand-washing practices.

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Talking to Children About Money

Talking to Children About Money - FS1441

How children use money will affect not only their economic stability and security throughout life, but also how they live and feel about their lives. This publication will show parents and other adults how they can help children learn about and develop money management skills by discussing money with them, planning together and providing children with positive learning experiences.

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Top Ten Home Energy Checklist

Top Ten Home Energy Checklist - AE1442

Whether trying to save money or save natural resources, concentrating on the areas of the home that are the largest energy consumers or areas for energy waste makes sense. Each home is different, but this guide will provide some direction for where to concentrate efforts to reduce energy consumption.

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Wheat Streak Mosaic

Wheat Streak Mosaic - PP646

Wheat streak mosaic is a disease caused by a virus that is carried and transmitted (vectored) by the wheat curl mite, Aceria tosichella. This can cause losses that range from minimal to complete crop failure. This publication describes symptoms, disease cycles, host plants and management recommendations.

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