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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

Ground-source Heat Pumps

Ground-source Heat Pumps - AE1483

A heat pump can be an efficient alternative to a standard home heating system. Moreover, during the cooling season, its function can be reversed, and it becomes an air conditioner. This publication explains the basics, installation, advantages, disadvantages, sizing, cost and efficiency of using the ground-source heat pumps.

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Communicating About Money and Money Issues

Communicating About Money and Money Issues - FS592

Money! We argue about it, we need it, we save it, we earn it, we spend it, we think about it. This publication will show you steps to make it work as you plan for your financial security.

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Nitrogen Extenders and Additives SF-1581

Nitrogen Extenders and Additives - SF1581

Nitrogen management continues to be difficult due to transformations of nitrogen fertilizers that are possible when applied to soil and the uncertainties of weather.

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Harvesting, Storing and Feeding Corn as Earlage

Harvesting, Storing and Feeding Corn as Earlage - AS1490

Earlage is growing in popularity in this region of the country because it allows the production of a relatively high-energy feed product, which can be harvested, stored and fed much like corn silage, using the same types of equipment that are used to produce corn silage.

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Grasses for the Northern Plains

Grasses For the Northern Plains - R1323

This publication is designed to summarize the growth patterns; forage characteristics, including nutritional value and herbage production; plant performance characteristics, including seedling and plant vigor, weed competition, stand density, stand rating, plant height, disease and seed production; salinity tolerance; fiber content; wildlife values; and the list of varieties suited to the Northern Plains region for a select group of cool-season grasses studied in a field experiment trial near Hettinger, N.D., and Fort Pierre, S.D. Perennial grasses were studied during a period of eight years beginning in 1990 under different environmental conditions. Recommended seeding rates and specific guidelines can be obtained by consulting your county conservation district, Natural Resources Conservation Service or Extension Service office.

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