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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

Taking charge of your community's future

Taking Charge of your Community's Future - EC1215

Community leaders are finding that focusing on strengths rather than problems makes it easier to mobilize the community to take action and are also able to maintain momentum in their plan implementation. This publication will outline the basic steps for asset-based community development.

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By-Products and Regionaly Available Alternative Feedstuffs for Dairy Cattle

By-Products and Regionally Available Alternative Feedstuffs for Dairy Cattle - AS1180

Feed costs, the single largest expense in animal production, may be reduced by including locally and regionally grown crops and by-products into animal diets, especially for ruminants. Numerous by-products are produced in our region, but usage is sometimes limited due to poor understanding of their nutritional and economic value, as well as their proper use in dairy cattle rations.

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Sampling Feed for Analysis

Sampling Feed For Analysis - AS1064

Getting a representative sample is as important as procedural and technical expertise. When sampling, consider the intended use of the results and the time and cost involved. When forage analysis reveals a quality too low to meet your herd or flock needs, you may want to reexamine the cropping practices (fertilizer used, variety selection of forage, harvest time and method of harvest, etc.) and provide supplements to meet livestock production demands. Those who find their feed supply to be above average can save money by reducing their supplements. Even when an analysis reveals feed supplies that are of average quality, this information serves as a basis for sound crop and livestock decisions that will help maximize economic farm returns.

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Fall Care and Clean-up of the Garden and Landscape

Fall Care and Clean-up of the Garden and Landscape - H1033

With the arrival of autumn colors comes the time to get the outside garden and landscape chores wrapped. This publication can be used to avoid getting caught unprepared, by planning tasks just ahead of nature's time-table.

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