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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

A Guide to Plugging Abandonded Wells

A Guide to Plugging Abandoned Wells - AE966

Sand and gravel, native clay, commercial sodium bentonite and neat cement grout are the most common materials used for plugging wells. Use of one or more of these materials will plug many types of abandoned wells effectively.

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2009 Dry Bean Grower Survey of Pest Problems and Pesticide Use in Minnesota and North Dakota

2009 Dry Bean Grower Survey of Pest Problems and Pesticide Use in Minnesota and North Dakota - E1477

The 2009 dry bean grower survey is the 20th annual survey of varieties grown, pest problems, pesticide use and grower practices of the Northarvest Bean Growers Association, an association of dry edible bean growers in Minnesota and North Dakota. Research and Extension faculty at North Dakota State University and the directors of the Northarvest Bean Growers Association developed the survey form. The survey was mailed to all Northarvest bean growers. All participants’ responses were anonymous.

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Growing Great Vegatables in North Dakota

Growing Great Vegetables in North Dakota - H1185

There is more to vegetable gardening than putting seed in the ground. This publication will serves as a guide to seedbed preparation, selecting seeds of varieties, planting and transplanting and weed, disease and insect control.

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How to Succeed at Seed Starting

How to Succeed at Seed Starting - H1139

By starting your own seeds, you will have a much greater variety of vegetables, flowers and herbs to choose from than if you just go down to the local garden center to pick up six-packs of nursery-raised starts. This publication breaks the whole operation into its basic components.

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growing and care of amaryllis

Growing the Delightful Amaryllis - H811

No other interior flower can add such a volume of delightful color in a home during the long ND winters than the amaryllis. This publication walks you through how to plant, how to plant special flowering dates, care after planting, after the flowers fade, how to rebloom, pest and disease problems and propagation of the amaryllis.

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