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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

methods of preserving flowers

Methods of Preserving Flowers - H1037

Preserving flowers is becoming more and more popular with an ever-increasing number of flower-conscious Americans. H1037 explains how to gather plant material; methods of hanging; glycerin; pressing; the different drying agents and methods to make your experience successful.

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Home Canning Meat Poultry, Red Meats, Game and Seafood

Home Canning Meat Poultry, Red Meats, Game and Seafood - FN188

Poultry, red meats, game and seafoods are low-acid foods and must be processed in a pressure canner to assure their safety. This publications provides general tips for high-quality products, general procedures and recipes.

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On-farm Turkey Carcass Composting and Management Issues Under ND Climatic Conditions -PDF

On-farm Turkey Carcass Composting and Management Issues Under North Dakota Climatic Conditions - NM1487

Turkey mortality is part of a turkey production system. Environmentally safe disposal of turkey carcasses is vital to a farm’s biosecurity and for prevention of disease outbreaks. The North Dakota Department of Health prefers burning, burial, landfilling, rendering or composting of carcasses as part of normal carcass management.

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Taking charge of your community's future

Taking Charge of your Community's Future - EC1215

Community leaders are finding that focusing on strengths rather than problems makes it easier to mobilize the community to take action and are also able to maintain momentum in their plan implementation. This publication will outline the basic steps for asset-based community development.

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