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Latest NDSU Extension Publications

Preparing RVs for Winter Living

Preparing RVs for Winter Living - AE1510

Spending the winter in an RV is not something to dread, especially if the owner takes the steps in this publication to make it more comfortable.

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ND Hard Winter Wheat 2010

North Dakota Hard Winter Wheat Variety Trial Results for 2010 and Selection Guide - A1196

During the 2009-10 growing season, 340,000 acres were planted to winter wheat, down from 580,000 planted in 2008. Winter wheat yield is estimated at 56 bushels per acre (bu/a), and if realized, this will be the highest yield recorded in North Dakota. Due to good snow cover throughout the winter, survival of the winter wheat crop was excellent. Even spring wheat volunteers that emerged in the fall survived the winter. The cool summer and limited disease pressure favored high yield development. Furthermore, rainfall was adequate in western North Dakota, so yields were quite good. Leaf rust caused only minimal damage this year. Generally, scab was not problematic on winter wheat in 2010.

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ND Barley, Oat and Rye Variety Trials 2010

North Dakota Barley, Oat and Rye Variety Trial Results for 2010 and Selection Guide - A1049-2010

Barley, oat and rye varieties currently grown in North Dakota are described in the following tables. Successful production of these crops depends on numerous factors, including selecting the right variety for a particular area. Characteristics to evaluate in selecting a variety are yield potential in your area, test weight, straw strength, plant height, reaction to problematic diseases and maturity. Selecting varieties with good quality also is important to maintain market recognition. Because malting barley is purchased on an identity-preserved basis, producers are encouraged to determine which barley varieties are being purchased by potential barley buyers before selecting a variety. When selecting a high-yielding and good-quality variety, use data that summarizes several years and locations.

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Using a Check Register to Track Your Expenses

Using a Check Register to Track Your Expenses - FE470

Discovering where your dollars go is the first step in becoming a more effective financial manager. This publication describes a management technique that shows exactly how much you have spent or have left to spend for each designated expense category.

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Management of Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot of Sugarbeet

Management of Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot of Sugarbeet - PP1495

Rhizoctonia root and crown rot is one of the most severe soil-borne diseases of sugarbeet and a major problem for growers in Minnesota and North Dakota. This publication provides colored pictures of the disease symptoms and management practices.

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