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NDSU to Hold 3rd Annual Angus U   ( 2014-04-15 )
The program provides producers with information on their cattle’s feedlot performance.
BeefTalk: A Teachable Moment   ( 2014-04-03 )
We may think we have covered every nook and cranny in our various management plans, but are we truly prepared for everything?
BeefTalk: Are Your Cows Ready to Rebreed?   ( 2014-03-20 )
From now until breeding, feed is needed to meet the cow’s postpartum recovery and lactation needs.
BeefTalk: What Aren’t We Doing?   ( 2014-03-06 )
There was no winter calving preparation, so there was no extra bedding, sorting of cows, precalving vaccinations, clearing the aisles of snow, extra heat in the warming room, and line of work boots and insulated coveralls.
BeefTalk: Understanding EPD Percentile Tables is Important   ( 2014-02-20 )
A simple way to deal with the table is to decide on what level of performance one wants to shop for.
BeefTalk: In Search of Good Sires   ( 2014-02-13 )
The bottom line is to know the breed average EPDs for the traits of interest, know the herd historical and current averages for EPD traits of interest, set herd goals and then select the right bulls.
BeefTalk: What’s Changing in the Beef Industry?   ( 2014-01-30 )
A producer needs to decide what level of performance is expected and how much one is willing to give to get that performance.
BeefTalk: Live Bait is Not Needed to Catch Fish   ( 2014-01-17 )
For beef producers fishing for bulls, welcome to the bull-buying season.
BeefTalk: No Shortcuts in the Beef Business   ( 2014-01-09 )
There is nothing cheap or quick about raising cattle and shortcuts will leave cattle exposed and vulnerable.
BeefTalk: Calves That Create Fervid Gusto Are Good   ( 2014-01-02 )
One simple message to bull buyers is to use the available EPDs to strengthen the genetic accuracy of selection.
BeefTalk: What’s in the Bull Soup?   ( 2013-12-26 )
Bull selection only requires that one understands or at least appreciates the EPD values and trends within a breed.
NDSU Shares Beef Cattle Research Results   ( 2013-12-18 )
Beef cattle nutrition, breeding and bedding were among the subjects NDSU researchers studied in 2013.
BeefTalk: Bulls and Cold Are Not a Good Mix   ( 2013-12-12 )
Walking across an open stretch of space, the sharp pains of cold air attach to one’s face like daggers, so one cannot help but wonder about the cattle and other outdoor critters.
BeefTalk: Is a Cow Ever Too Ornery?   ( 2013-12-05 )
Cattle that routinely challenge the producer for space should be sold and cattle that are very aggressive and easily put in a defensive mode should be sold.
BeefTalk: How Well Did the Bulls Do?   ( 2013-11-21 )
In some cases, bulls do not adapt well to the cows or pasture.
BeefTalk: Marketing Options Are Improved With Verification   ( 2013-11-07 )
The list is not long, but there are some very good verifiable marketing claims that producers can look into and may want to add to their marketing programs.
BeefTalk: Cows Have Memories, Too   ( 2013-10-31 )
If exposed to something they feel uncertain about or something that actually causes stress, cows remember.
BeefTalk: Sending Spayed Heifers to the Feedlot   ( 2013-10-24 )
Given the need to expand cow numbers, sending a load of spayed heifers to the feedlot seems somewhat contrary to the needs of the industry.
BeefTalk: The Benefits of Protein   ( 2013-10-17 )
Properly managed forage supplies have the potential to increase rib-eye area in grass steers by 25 percent.
BeefTalk: The Prairie is a Difficult Place to Call Home   ( 2013-10-10 )
All producers are neighbors when trouble arrives.

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