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BeefTalk: Sending Spayed Heifers to the Feedlot   ( 2013-10-24 )
Given the need to expand cow numbers, sending a load of spayed heifers to the feedlot seems somewhat contrary to the needs of the industry.
BeefTalk: The Benefits of Protein   ( 2013-10-17 )
Properly managed forage supplies have the potential to increase rib-eye area in grass steers by 25 percent.
Sustainable Ag Grants Available   ( 2013-10-16 )
The North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program offers several grants.
Dispose of Dead Livestock Quickly   ( 2013-10-11 )
Composting is a simple way to dispose of dead livestock.
BeefTalk: The Prairie is a Difficult Place to Call Home   ( 2013-10-10 )
All producers are neighbors when trouble arrives.
BeefTalk: In Search of Late-season Protein   ( 2013-10-03 )
The center has been looking at various forages that may provide more protein than the traditional fall grasses through the incorporation of annual crops into the pasture rotations.
Sheep Shearing and Wool Classing Schools Set for Nov. 23-25   ( 2013-10-03 )
New NDSU Podcast Service Available   ( 2013-10-01 )
The podcasts feature agricultural topics ranging from rangeland management to crop prices.
Timing Critical in Alfalfa Harvest   ( 2013-09-26 )
Weigh the risk of winter injury against the need for forage when deciding whether to harvest alfalfa in the fall.
BeefTalk: Love of the Land   ( 2013-09-26 )
If one really ponders, there are two thoughts that dominate much of the discussion in agriculture.
NDSU’s Beef Research Complex Finding Answers   ( 2013-09-25 )
Researchers have conducted 11 experiments at the facility.
BeefTalk: Fall, a Window of Opportunity for Thin Cows   ( 2013-09-19 )
Thin cows will be thinner at calving unless you do something now.
Let Grass, Cows be Guide When Weaning   ( 2013-09-18 )
The 2013 growing season was unusual for pasture production and quality across North Dakota.
Consider Pregnancy Checking Cattle Early   ( 2013-09-16 )
Culling nonpregnant cows prior to winter can help producers make better use of their feed resources.
BeefTalk: 1 Percent Is Good Money Spent to Protect Calves   ( 2013-09-12 )
Unfortunately, pathogens generally are not very kind and can kill one calf or multiple calves from the inventory.
Nitrates in Corn Silage Pose Risk   ( 2013-09-06 )
High levels of nitrates in corn silage can be toxic to animals and humans.
BeefTalk: Making a “Premium” Calf   ( 2013-08-29 )
There are six steps to placing premium calves on the market.
BeefTalk: Vaccinate and Prepare Valuable Calves for Market   ( 2013-08-22 )
You don’t find disease-causing agents everywhere. However, when they are present, they will do some damage.
BeefTalk: New Ventures Come With Unprotected Risk   ( 2013-08-15 )
There is the challenge of staying within risk protection programs. Meanwhile, departing ways and entering the unknown generally is considered foolish.
BeefTalk: Annual Forages Make Choice Yearling Steers   ( 2013-08-08 )
Feeding yearling steers on grass is a plus, but adding annual forage is even better.

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