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BeefTalk: Positive Outcomes of May Calving in N.D.   ( 2013-07-18 )
For the center, 89.2 percent of the cows calved within the first 21 days of the calving season and 99.6 percent calved within 42 days from the start of the calving season.
Drylot Beef Cow Production a Viable Option   ( 2013-07-15 )
NDSU researchers are comparing drylot and pasture cow-calf beef production systems.
BeefTalk: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors   ( 2013-07-11 )
Upon bull turnout, there are no happy faces if a neighbor’s bull is seen in with the cows.
BeefTalk: Being Proactive is Better Than Reactive When Working Cattle   ( 2013-07-03 )
No one likes meetings, but proactive people meet, discuss and lead, while reactive people find themselves dispersed, cussing and following.
BeefTalk: Good Biosecurity a Must for Beef Operations   ( 2013-06-27 )
We need to do our part as producers to maintain effective biosecurity within and across our herds.
Field Tours at Hettinger Research Extension Center Set for July 9   ( 2013-06-26 )
There will be side-by-side comparisons of the newest spring wheat, winter wheat, durum, barley, oats and field pea varieties and include presentations on weed control, and manure value and management.
Control Bird Damage on Dairies   ( 2013-06-26 )
Start to control birds before they become a huge problem.
BeefTalk: Good Marketing is Essential to Capture Available Dollars   ( 2013-06-20 )
Upon further review of the gross margin, some truths started to emerge based on real data.
Prevent Spread of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea   ( 2013-06-14 )
Cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea have been found in states adjacent to North Dakota.
BeefTalk: Cow Down   ( 2013-06-13 )
A typical beef operation should maintain a less than 1 percent death rate for productive cows.
BeefTalk: Cows Need Grass and Grass Needs Cows   ( 2013-06-06 )
Range and cattle management is at the heart of every ranch and rancher.
Not Too Early to Vaccinate for Anthrax   ( 2013-06-04 )
This spring’s rainy weather can lead to anthrax development.
BeefTalk: May Calving Brings May Flowers   ( 2013-05-23 )
What changed? The center delayed bull turnout to Aug. 1 for a May 10 calving start date.
Grass Tetany Possible This Spring   ( 2013-05-22 )
Good growth of forage this spring could lead to grass tetany in cattle.
BeefTalk: How Do We Get the Next Generation to Raise Beef?   ( 2013-05-16 )
How is the beef industry going to move forward and not become a short reflection in an old history book?
Range Grazing Readiness Delayed   ( 2013-05-15 )
Try to avoid turning livestock out to pasture too soon this spring.
BeefTalk: To Pass, 60 Percent Must Calve in 21 Days   ( 2013-05-09 )
If less than 60 percent of the mature cows are calving within the first 21 days, a major re-evaluation of one’s managerial protocols needs to be considered.
BeefTalk: Keep an Eye on the Bulls Because They Don’t Get a Day Off   ( 2013-05-02 )
Missed breeding opportunities are expensive because the next opportunity only comes around again in three weeks.
BeefTalk: If Baby Rabbits Can Survive Snow, So Can Calves   ( 2013-04-25 )
Establishing good calf vigor means having to worry less about how to report dead calves.
Producers Can Save Money, Reduce Environmental Impact   ( 2013-04-24 )
Nutrients from livestock manure can harm water quality and have other negative environmental impacts.

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