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More N.D. Children Impacted by High-poverty Neighborhoods   ( 2012-02-23 )
In North Dakota, 7 percent of all children live in areas of concentrated poverty, which is up from 5 percent in 2000.
Spotlight on Economics: Premier of NDSU Economics Column   ( 2012-02-15 )
This column is intended to provide you with an update on emerging economic and agribusiness issues and research.
Communications Expert Headlines Farm Managers Meeting   ( 2012-01-24 )
The featured speaker is Jolene Brown who is a farmer, author and award-winning communicator.
Changing Bulbs Can Save More Than a Little Change   ( 2012-01-03 )
As with any purchase, there are issues with the quality of the product and making sure the right bulb is purchased for a particular situation.
NDSU Sets Crop Insurance Conference for Jan. 16   ( 2011-12-22 )
NDSU Offers Updated Crop Compare Program   ( 2011-12-19 )
The program provides a tool for producers to check the changing scenarios until final planting decisions are made this spring.
One in 8 N.D. Tax Filers Received Earned Income Tax Credit   ( 2011-12-06 )
In comparison with the U.S., which is recovering from a deep recession, this is good news for North Dakota.
New Phone App Will Help Stranded Winter Motorists   ( 2011-11-29 )
The Winter Survival Kit app can be as critical as a physical winter survival kit if you find yourself stuck or stranded in severe winter weather conditions.
Prairie Fare: Snacking May Help With Weight Management   ( 2011-11-17 )
Eating smaller, more frequent meals is a good idea for many people.
One in 12 N.D. Children are Uninsured   ( 2011-11-16 )
Prairie Fare: Let’s Talk Turkey   ( 2011-11-10 )
Don’t forget the rules for handling food safely this Thanksgiving.
Income Tax Management Program for Agricultural Producers Set for Nov. 18   ( 2011-10-25 )
Experts will provide federal income tax updates and tax management alternatives.
NDSU Extension Service Helps People with Diabetes   ( 2011-10-13 )
Learn about making good food choices, portion control, meal planning, healthy food preparation methods and how to read food nutrition labels.
One in 3 N.D. Homes Owner-occupied, Mortgaged   ( 2011-10-11 )
The median value of owner-occupied housing with a mortgage in North Dakota was $134,700 in 2009.
NDSU Offers Farm/Ranch Transition Planning Classes   ( 2011-10-06 )
Healthful, Inexpensive Meals at Home a Reality   ( 2011-10-05 )
Checking grocery store ads, planning menus, making a grocery list and using coupons are ways to serve nutritious, inexpensive meals.
4-H Clubs Eat Smart, Play Hard   ( 2011-09-22 )
North Dakota 4-H clubs are recognized for incorporating nutrition and fitness into their club activities.
Beware of Space Heater Hazards   ( 2011-09-20 )
Burns and carbon monoxide poisoning are two of the dangers of using space heaters.
Get Ready for Heating Season   ( 2011-09-16 )
A few simple steps can cut your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.
N.D. Personal Transfer Receipts Increase   ( 2011-09-15 )
The impact of the national recession can be seen specifically in the unemployment compensation to North Dakotans.

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