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Market Advisor: Late Spring May Mean Rebalancing Marketing Plans   ( 2011-05-16 )
A common question asked is how to modify an existing forward contract or production contract if cropping plans change dramatically due to poor weather.
Market Advisor: How High Will Corn Prices Go Before Usage Is Rationed?   ( 2010-10-13 )
There are similarities in current market conditions, compared with those experienced during 2008.
Market Advisor: Wet Spring Creates Problems for Canadian Crops   ( 2010-06-25 )
Weather forecasts for the Canadian Prairie Provinces will be watched closely by market traders.
Crop Market Advisor: How Will the Market Balance Record Corn Production and Use?   ( 2010-05-18 )
Tracking the dynamics of the corn market is challenging because of the diversity of uses for corn.
Market Advisor: Shifting Canadian Plantings May Impact N.D. Crop Prices   ( 2010-04-30 )
The three most noteworthy shifts in 2010 Canadian planting intentions are in durum, spring wheat and canola.
Market Advisor: When Will Spring Wheat Protein Discounts Soften?   ( 2010-04-21 )
The primary reason the current protein discounts and premiums are so strong is that the average protein levels for the 2009 spring wheat crop were below normal.
Market Advisor: How Will the Corn Market Deal With Crop Quality Concerns?   ( 2009-11-24 )
Market Advisor: Large Crops and Low Prices Create Marketing Challenges - Part II   ( 2009-09-25 )
The wheat market is shifting focus quickly away from supply issues and toward demand considerations.
Market Advisor: Large Crops and Low Prices Create Marketing Challenges   ( 2009-09-18 )
The challenge is to develop a marketing strategy that will generate a favorable net price, meet cash flow needs and limit risk exposure.
Market Advisor: Will the Weather Cooperate for Near Record Crop Production?   ( 2009-08-14 )
The USDA forecasts the largest soybean crop on record and the second largest corn crop.
Market Advisor: What’s Up or Down With Cow Prices?   ( 2009-07-23 )
Although prices in mid-July were similar to last year’s levels, cow prices likely will not increase to the high levels reached last August.
Market Advisor: Will Increased Acres Translate Into Increased Production?   ( 2009-07-01 )
Futures markets often try to anticipate the information contained in key USDA reports and then respond to the actual report information based upon their expectations.
Market Advisor: Market Overreactions Create Pricing Opportunities   ( 2009-06-11 )
How can you recognize when futures markets have overreacted and there is a pricing opportunity?
Market Advisor: Spring Pricing Opportunities May Open and Close Quickly   ( 2009-04-23 )
Staying current on market information does not mean that one has to stare at the computer screen and watch every price tick up or down.
Market Advisor: The Battle for Acres   ( 2009-03-12 )
Market Advisor: Market Pullback May be Opportunity to Buy Corn Call Options   ( 2007-04-05 )
Corn prices have been declining since late February.
Market Advisor: U.S. Cattle Herd Increases Slightly   ( 2007-02-08 )
Total cattle numbers in the U.S. were at 97 million head on Jan. 1, slightly above the 96.7 million on Jan 1, 2006.
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