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BeetTalk: Check Those Bulls Now   ( 2014-04-10 )
When one looks at how much bulls cost these days, they should get the same treatment as cows.
BeefTalk: A Teachable Moment   ( 2014-04-03 )
We may think we have covered every nook and cranny in our various management plans, but are we truly prepared for everything?
BeefTalk: Do the Cows Fit the Operation?   ( 2014-03-27 )
Are the dedicated resources and activities that are present within the cattle operation optimal in regard to the economic efficiency of the operation?
BeefTalk: Are Your Cows Ready to Rebreed?   ( 2014-03-20 )
From now until breeding, feed is needed to meet the cow’s postpartum recovery and lactation needs.
BeefTalk: Big or Little Socket?   ( 2014-03-13 )
Having a socket set that only has large sockets makes no more sense than only buying bulls that are trait leaders for growth.
BeefTalk: What Aren’t We Doing?   ( 2014-03-06 )
There was no winter calving preparation, so there was no extra bedding, sorting of cows, precalving vaccinations, clearing the aisles of snow, extra heat in the warming room, and line of work boots and insulated coveralls.
BeefTalk: It Pays to Read the Tag   ( 2014-02-27 )
Data is essential for finding the desired genetics when selecting bulls.
BeefTalk: Understanding EPD Percentile Tables is Important   ( 2014-02-20 )
A simple way to deal with the table is to decide on what level of performance one wants to shop for.
BeefTalk: In Search of Good Sires   ( 2014-02-13 )
The bottom line is to know the breed average EPDs for the traits of interest, know the herd historical and current averages for EPD traits of interest, set herd goals and then select the right bulls.
BeefTalk: Numbers Can Challenge, but Don’t Give Up   ( 2014-02-06 )
If we are going to buy bulls at today’s prices, why not make sure that the bulls are carrying the genes we want and represent the top bulls within the breed?
BeefTalk: What’s Changing in the Beef Industry?   ( 2014-01-30 )
A producer needs to decide what level of performance is expected and how much one is willing to give to get that performance.
Beef Talk: CHAPS Herd Benchmarks   ( 2014-01-23 )
The beef business is a long-term business, and producers need to gauge their production against solid indicators that can help them set or modify production goals.
BeefTalk: Live Bait is Not Needed to Catch Fish   ( 2014-01-17 )
For beef producers fishing for bulls, welcome to the bull-buying season.
BeefTalk: No Shortcuts in the Beef Business   ( 2014-01-09 )
There is nothing cheap or quick about raising cattle and shortcuts will leave cattle exposed and vulnerable.
BeefTalk: Calves That Create Fervid Gusto Are Good   ( 2014-01-02 )
One simple message to bull buyers is to use the available EPDs to strengthen the genetic accuracy of selection.
BeefTalk: What’s in the Bull Soup?   ( 2013-12-26 )
Bull selection only requires that one understands or at least appreciates the EPD values and trends within a breed.
BeefTalk: Bull Buying and Headaches   ( 2013-12-19 )
With the ever-growing databases and improved techniques and computer applications to access the data, reviewing records of old bulls to access the current genetics within the herd aids in understanding the herd.
BeefTalk: Bulls and Cold Are Not a Good Mix   ( 2013-12-12 )
Walking across an open stretch of space, the sharp pains of cold air attach to one’s face like daggers, so one cannot help but wonder about the cattle and other outdoor critters.
BeefTalk: Is a Cow Ever Too Ornery?   ( 2013-12-05 )
Cattle that routinely challenge the producer for space should be sold and cattle that are very aggressive and easily put in a defensive mode should be sold.
BeefTalk: Don’t Take Health for Granted   ( 2013-11-27 )
Producers have become keenly aware that traceback, which primarily is a function of health, sanitation and food safety, is critical to understanding the need to maintain fully effective health regulations versus introducing new animal health risks, even when such restrictions may limit marketing options.
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