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Acres of Adventures

Hands-On Learning Kits available through the Mountrail County Extension Office.

Acres of Adventure combines agriculture and hands-on learning to introduce youth to the world of agriculture and life science. The goal of the curriculum is to "promote agricultural awareness among young people...and develop their understanding, appreciation, and application of science through a variety of hands-on agriculturally based activities."

Activities are geared for grades 3-6 and adaptable to grades 2 and up. Suitable for classroom and 4-H club use.

High Speed Mystery Foods

Experimenting with dehydrated foods - use logic to draw conclusions and strengthen reasoning skills. Time: 30-40 minutes. Need 3-5 dehydrated food products such as instant potatoes, baby formula, soup mix, Jello, drink mixes, instant coffee, etc.

Potato Power

Exploring the power of starch in potatoes. Analyze possible causes/reasons by solving problems. Time: 30 minutes. Need two potatoes per experiment.

Pumpkin Pie in a Bag

Recognizing how the pioneers used pumpkins for nourishment and enjoyment. Perform as a team member - complete tasks. Time: 30 minutes. Need (for 12 participants) 1 1/3 cup cold milk, 1 pkg instant vanilla pudding mix, 1/2 can solid-pack pumpkin, graham crackers, 3 oz. cups, whipped topping, spoons.

M & M Mystery Challenge

Understanding that advertising claims for food products can be tested. Solving problems by examining information and data. Time: 30-45 minutes. Need one "fun-sized" package of M & M candies per participant.

Float Your Boat

Investigating the transportation of agricultural products on lakes and rivers. Judge effectivness/efficiency of solution - problem solving skills. Time: 45 minutes. Need 3 kinds of paper, plastic cups, scissors, tape, glue, rubber bands, aluminum foil, plastic wrap.

Lemonade Wars

Create a lemonade product that will outsell the competition. Time: 45 minutes. Need unsweetened lemonade mix, sugar, lemons, frozen lemonade.

Tortilla in a Bag

Exploring the versatility of native flatbreads. Perform as a team member and assume responsibility for accomplishing team goals. Time: 30-40 minutes. Need (per every two youth) one gallon zipper-type bag, 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 3 tablespoons shortening/margarine, access to HOT water (125-130 degrees F).

Mystery Food Sniff Test

Recognize how the sense of smell can help determine food quality. Use logic to draw conclusions. Time: 30 minutes. Need pencils.

These kits are available to teachers and 4-H club leaders for use in their classrooms or club meetings. You may teach the lesson on your own or request an Extension Agent or other trained volunteer to come teach the activity. Purchasing the consumables used and completing a participant report form are the only requirements. Please email NDSU.Mountrail.Extension@ndsu.edu or call 628-2835 if you are interested in using any of the Acres of Adventures Learning Kits.


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