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Publications - Grain Drying and Storage

Allowable Storage Time Cereal Grains (PDF)
Allowable Storage Time Soybeans (PDF)
Allowable Storage Time Malting Barley (PDF)
Grain Equilibrium Moisture Content Charts (PDF)
(barley, corn, dry edible beans, soybeans, sunflower, durum wheat, hard wheat, soft wheat
Estimated Corn Field Drying

Number Title Year Cost
Cool Grain to Prevent Storage Problems
A1331 Sunflower Production 2007     
EB26 Potato Production (Potato Storage) 1994 $11.50
AE84 Temporary Grain Storage 1998
AE701 Grain Drying 1994
AE791 Crop Storage Management 1990
AE808 Crop Dryeration and In-Storage Cooling 1983
AE850 Pneumatic Grain Conveyors 1985
AE905 Grain Moisture Content Effects and Management 1995
AE923 Calculating Grain Drying Cost 1990
AE1044 Grain Stream Sampling and Sampler Construction 1992
AE1102 Caught in the Grain! 1995
AE1119 Maintaining Corn Quality for Wet Milling 1996
Natural Air-Low Temperature Crop Drying 1993

Fan Selection for Grain Drying and Storage Videos

Part 1: Understanding Airflow Principles to Properly Select Grain Bin Fans

Part 1 of 2 from the "Fan Selection for Grain Drying and Storage" series from NDSU Extension. This video shows what static pressure is, how to measure it and how it pertains to proper grain drying. In the video the effect of correctly and incorrectly sized perforated floors, air velocity and grain depth on static pressure are effectively demonstrated as well as the effect of inadequate bin vents. Part 2: "Grain Drying and Storage Fan Characteristics" can be found at the following link:

Part 2: Grain Drying and Storage Fan Characteristics

Part 2 in the "Fan Selection for Grain Drying and Storage" series. In this video Dr. Ken Hellevang, shows and describes axial, centrifugal and in-line centrifugal fan operating characteristics for effective grain drying.
Part 1 - "Understanding Airflow Principles to Properly Select Grain Bin Fans" can be found at

Fan Selection for Grain Drying and Storage - Parts 1 and 2.

Proper design of the air handling equipment in a grain drying system is necessary to successfully dry and store grain. Even a large fan may not provide the required airflow if the system is not sized correctly. In part 1 of this video, the basics of static pressure are demonstrated and explained how they affect grain drying. Part 2 shows examples of the 3 main types of grain bin fans and provides a discussion of their characteristics. The links for the individual sections of the video are provided below.

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