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Ash Anthracnose – a Recurring Problem (06/12/14)

The cool weather we experienced for most of the spring held ash anthracnose in check this year in most parts of North Dakota.

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Winter injury to conifers (05/15/14)

Many evergreen trees are showing signs of winter injury across our region. “Winter injury” (also known as winterburn) is a generic term for unusual browning of needles, portions of trees, or entire trees that can occur throughout the winter months, but is often most noticeable in late winter/early spring.

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Bur oaks, bugs and birds (05/15/14)

In several communities around the state, young bur oak trees are showing damage from woodpecker activity. The damage is highly variable, but at its worst, some trees have been nearly girdled. The birds are not to blame, however, as they have been searching for a tasty meal – insect larvae located within the bark.

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Preparing Trees for Winter Checklist (09/12/13)

With the coming of fall it is important to remember to prepare your trees for the tough North Dakota winter. The following checklist serves as a reminder of the most important considerations for fall tree care and proper tree winterization.

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Dead and Dying Birch Trees (06/20/13)

I’ve received several calls and emails recently about birch trees with dead and dying tops.

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Ash Anthracnose – A Recurring Problem (06/06/13)

Another cool, wet spring has led to a recurring problem with ash trees – ash anthracnose. This disease is most commonly seen when green leaves fall from the trees in early spring.

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Establishing New Tree Plantings in Spring: Mulching and More… (05/29/13)

This time of year many landowners are planting trees for a variety of reasons, including to beautify their surroundings, to create shade or wind buffers, or perhaps to establish a fruit tree to enjoy for years to come.

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Black rot canker on crabapple tree

Diseases of Apple Trees - Black Rot

Many people have been concerned in the last few weeks regarding problems with apple trees – both edible apples and ornamental crabapples – especially from the western part of the state.

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