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Project Safe Send Sites, Dates for 2013 (06/06/13)

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring encourages farmers, ranchers, pesticide dealers and applicators, government agencies and homeowners to bring their unusable pesticides to any of the 12 Project Safe Send collections in July.

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New Insecticide – Sulfoxaflor (05/29/13)

Transform® (sulfoxaflor) is pending registration in North Dakota for this summer. It will be labeled for control of aphids, leafhoppers, plant bugs and other sap-feeding insects in the following crops: barley, wheat, canola, soybeans, potatoes and dry beans. See article following this from Dow AgroSciences.

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Cool Wet Soils Favor Soil Insects (05/29/13)

Cool wet soils will favor damage from seedcorn maggots and wireworms. As seeds or seedlings sit in the cool soil with little growth, they will become more susceptible to injury from these soil insects.

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Adult Alfalfa Weevil Emerging (05/29/13)

Adult alfalfa weevils are emerging and have been observed in the southwest and north central regions of North Dakota (sources: J. Stegmiller; V. Chapara, NCREC).

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IPM Survey Starts (05/29/13)

Summer field scouts were trained in survey protocols on May 20th at the Carrington REC.

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New Resources in Agriculture (05/23/13)

National Assessment Shows Geographic Distributions and Trends of Pesticide Use, 1992-2009 The U.S. Geological Survey’s Pesticide National Synthesis Project provides a new interactive national maps and trend graphs on the usage of 459 pesticides in agriculture for each year during 1992-2009 for the U.S.

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Degree Day Update on Alfalfa Weevil (05/23/13)

Using the Degree Day (DD) map (below), adult alfalfa weevil should be emerging soon (around 250 accumulated DD) in the southeast corner of North Dakota. The southwest region of North Dakota is around 150 accumulated DDs. With the recent rains, alfalfa should be growing fast which will help mitigate the injury caused by alfalfa weevil feeding.

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Adult Alfalfa Weevil (Knodel) 5-16-13

Update on Alfalfa Weevil (05/16/13)

Using the Degree Day Model for alfalfa weevil, we can expect adult alfalfa weevil emergence around 250-300 DD

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Adult Alfalfa Weevil (Knodel)

Adult Alfalfa Weevil Emergence Delayed (05/09/13)

Alfalfa weevil was very damaging in North Dakota last year due to its early emergence and the drought stressed alfalfa. The early emergence may have been due to eggs, which successfully overwintered during the mild winter of 2011/12, and as a result they hatched into larvae which started feeding on foliage earlier than normal.

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Mature army cutworm larvae on alfalfa (Knodel)

Army Cutworms In Alfalfa (05/09/13)

Large numbers of army cutworms have been reported in alfalfa fields in southwest North Dakota, near Rhame. Larvae (or caterpillars) overwinter as partially mature larvae and are ready to start feeding on alfalfa, winter wheat, canola and other early planted crops as soon as the temperatures warm up.

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