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No Sorghum Midge in Corn in ND (7/18/13)

There has been a rumor of sorghum midge infesting corn in eastern ND and that producers need to spray insecticide for its control.

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Lauxaniid Fly Common in Fields (7/18/13)

Several calls have come in reporting large numbers of a small, orange fly in field crops including wheat, corn, soybean and others. This is the lauxaniid fly, Camptoprosopella borealis (Diptera: Lauxaniidae), and is NOT an insect pest of field crops.

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Late Planted Cereal Crops Still at Risk for Cereal Aphids (7/18/13)

Any late planted spring wheat, durum wheat or barley will still be at high risk for cereal aphid infestation up through the completion of heading.

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Wheat Midge Emergence Slowing Down (7/18/13)

A few field scouting reports for wheat midge from the north central region of ND indicate that wheat midge populations are low. At 1600 degree days (DD), female wheat midge emergence is 90% completed.

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Soybean Insect Pest Update (07/18/13)

With the recent hot dry weather, the two-spotted spider mites has returned to attack soybeans in areas where no rain has fallen over the past two weeks, such as south central ND.

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Sunflower Insects Emerging (07/11/13)

Banded sunflower moths and sunflower moths are being captured in pheromone traps across North Dakota.

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Time to Collect Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles (07/11/13)

Leafy spurge flea beetles (Aphthona species) (Fig. 1) are an effective means of controlling leafy spurge in North Dakota.

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Protect Our Pollinators When Using Pesticides (07/03/13)

Agricultural production is in full swing in North Dakota, and flowering field crops or weeds in the field are important food sources of many species of pollinators, including honey bees and native bees.

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Wheat Midge Levels Dropped To Record Lows For 2013 (07/03/13)

Soil samples collected by the NDSU Extension Ag Agents in North Dakota indicated low levels of overwintering wheat midge larvae (cocoons) for the 2013 season. With the majority of soil samples statewide being low risk for wheat midge infestation, minimal insecticides should be needed for controlling wheat midge in most of the state in 2013.

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Soybean Aphids Slowly Increasing (07/03/13)

Our IPM Scouts are picking up low numbers of soybean aphids (< 80 aphids per plant) in Cass and Richland Counties. Soybean aphids are typically concentrated in the upper trifoliates until flowering.

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Scout For Barley Thrips (07/03/13)

Barley thrips have been found in Ward, Cass, and Linton Counties and central ND near Rugby. Some fields have high numbers of barley thrips (>5 thrips per stem) while other fields are still low in numbers (0-3 thrips per stem).

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Be Aware of Ticks! (06/27/13)

Tick season is well underway, and we have received several samples from area clinics and the general public.

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Heavy Rains Impact Soybean Aphids (06/27/13)

Soybean aphids can be washed off soybean leaves and killed during heavy rain events, especially when plants are still in the vegetative stage and there is little canopy closure.

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Hessian Fly Observed in Spring Wheat (06/27/13)

Hessian fly was observed in spring wheat plantings at the Langdon REC (Source: Dr. Gautam, LREC). Hessian fly is an occasional insect pest problem of wheat in North Dakota.

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Cereal Aphids Present in both ND and MN this Past Week (06/27/13)

Cereal aphids (mostly English grain aphids) have been reported from small grains in SW, SC and WC MN, and from SE, EC and NC ND (Sources: IPM Scouts for ND and MN, and Dr. Chapara at NCREC, Minot, ND).

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Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Fly Numbers Surge, Peak Imminent (06/20/13)

Significant increases in sugarbeet root maggot (SBRM) fly activity have been observed at several of our monitoring sites in the past few days.

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Insect Scouting Reports (06/20/13)

Cereal Aphids: Incidence of cereal aphids is generally still low and ranged from 0 to 29% this past week. Alfalfa Weevils: Larger larvae (≈⅜ inch) are being observed in alfalfa now. Flea Beetles: Some canola fields in Langdon and Minot areas are being treated with foliar rescue insecticides for needed protection against flea beetles.

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Aster Leafhoppers Have Arrived (06/20/13)

Aster leafhoppers, Macrosteles quadrilineatus, have arrived in low numbers in North Dakota.

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Soybean Aphids are Here (06/20/13)

The NDSU IPM Scout in the northeast region of North Dakota found one field in Cass County with soybean aphids.

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Sugarbeet Root Maggot: Emergence off to a Slow Pace (06/13/13)

Sugarbeet root maggot (SBRM) fly activity is being monitored this year in a collaborative project between NDSU Entomology, American Crystal Sugar Company, the MinnDak Farmers Cooperative, and the Pembina County (ND) Extension office.

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