Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report

Soybean Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (06/27/13)

Soybean in the state always looks green as it emerges. Iron in soybean is mobile in the plant until the first trifoliate leaf emerges. At that time, for some mysterious reason iron becomes immobile in the plant and has to be taken up fresh for each increment of added tissue.

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Recent Rains and Recent Topdress/Sidedress Application (06/27/13)

As I am writing this at 3 AM making sure my sump pump doesn’t die, it is clear that scattered showers means something different than it did years ago.

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Color me Stupid (06/27/13)

Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that man-made global warming is real, and the 3 percent of scientists that do not think global warming is influenced by human activities are far below their colleagues in their expertise. This is a paraphrase from a paper written in 2010 by Anderegg, et al. in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

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Small Grain Disease Forecasting Information (06/27/13)

With substantial rains last Thursday through the weekend across much of the state, many NDAWN locations are showing risk of tan spot again.

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Timing of Fungicides for Scab Control in Wheat and Barley (06/27/13)

It is hard to believe that given the cool spring and late planting of crops that one needs to address the issue of Fusarium Head Blight (FHB or Scab) control in small grains. Nevertheless, the winter wheat that established earlier in the fall is now approaching the growth stage that is most sensitive to scab infection.

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IDC and Variety Selection (06/27/13)

Although soybeans may grow out of the chlorosis, yields can be reduced in severe cases.

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Be Aware of Ticks! (06/27/13)

Tick season is well underway, and we have received several samples from area clinics and the general public.

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Heavy Rains Impact Soybean Aphids (06/27/13)

Soybean aphids can be washed off soybean leaves and killed during heavy rain events, especially when plants are still in the vegetative stage and there is little canopy closure.

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Hessian Fly Observed in Spring Wheat (06/27/13)

Hessian fly was observed in spring wheat plantings at the Langdon REC (Source: Dr. Gautam, LREC). Hessian fly is an occasional insect pest problem of wheat in North Dakota.

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Cereal Aphids Present in both ND and MN this Past Week (06/27/13)

Cereal aphids (mostly English grain aphids) have been reported from small grains in SW, SC and WC MN, and from SE, EC and NC ND (Sources: IPM Scouts for ND and MN, and Dr. Chapara at NCREC, Minot, ND).

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Weather and Crop Phenology Maps (06/20/13)

Maps detailing corn accumulated daily growing days, percent normal rainfall, departure from normal average air temperature, and accumulated wheat growing degree days.

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North-Central ND - Heavy Flea Beetle Infestation Found in Canola (06/20/13)

Severe flea beetle damage has been found South of Minot in Ward County, North Dakota (June 12, 2013). Flea beetles are considered as the most serious pest of canola in North Dakota.

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birch tree close up.exit holes.Joe Zeleznik.jpg

Dead and Dying Birch Trees (06/20/13)

I’ve received several calls and emails recently about birch trees with dead and dying tops.

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Supplemental Label for Clearfield Sunflower (06/20/13)

A new supplemental label for Clearfield Plus Sunflower (and CL Plus Wheat) and Beyond herbicide has been issued by BASF.

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North Dakota SLN Label Issued for Dry Bean Herbicides (06/20/13)

The ND DOA has issued a special local needs (SLN) registration to Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corp for use of Halomax 75 herbicide to control some broadleaf weeds, including common ragweed.

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Drifting and Sprayer Contamination on Potatoes (06/20/13)

When glyphosate treatments occur next to a potato field or the same sprayer is used to treat potatoes with pesticides that has been used for glyphosate, there is the risk that glyphosate may contact potato plants.

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Sulfur Deficient Corn Field.Dave Franzen.jpg

Old Yeller (06/20/13)

Calls this week have been heavily focused on yellow corn and some yellow wheat.

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Pea Disease: Ascochyta Blight or Bacteria Blight? (06/20/13)

Two diseases of pea have been showing up in North Dakota and Montana peas; Ascochyta blight and Bacterial blight. It is important to know which disease (or any, or both) that you have in your peas.

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Small Grain Disease Forecasting and Tan Spot (06/20/13)

The risk of tan spot infection went down at most NDAWN stations the past few days, although a few sites with very recent rainfall still show a YES on the risk tables.

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Roots: The Hidden Half (06/20/13)

The warmer weather has pushed the development of small grains and corn considerably this past week. Spring wheat that was planted by mid-May has developed a full canopy over the soil.

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