Crop & Pest Report


Crop & Pest Report


Weather/Crop Phenology Maps (08/14/14)

Maps detailing corn accumulated daily growing days, percent normal rainfall, departure from normal average air temperature, and accumulated wheat growing degree days.

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ats.endres.1.fingal corn tour

South Central ND (08/14/14)

Information from the South Central region of North Dakota.

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Northeast ND (08/14/14)

Information from the Northeast region of North Dakota.

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ats.chapara.knodel.1.thistle caterpillar

North Central ND (08/14/14)

Information from the North Central region of North Dakota.

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wsci.zollinger.1.leaf strapping blistering

Growth Regulator Herbicide Symptoms on Soybean (08/14/14)

Samples have come in showing classic growth regulator (GR) symptoms on soybean.

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ssci.franzen.wick.1.emergence prevent plant

Prevent Planted Acres in 2014 Ripe for Prevent Planting in 2015 (08/14/14)

This spring, there were several growers that mentioned to us that the only prevent plant acres from 2013 that they could plant in 2014 were those that were seeded to a cover crop in 2013.

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Strip-Till Advice for Valley Soils (08/14/14)

Conventional wisdom is that strip-till can’t work in the Valley because of our high clay soils. I know that this is untrue.

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Nitrogen Losses in High Clay Valley Soils, 2014 (08/14/14)

During the 2010, 2011, and 2013 I estimated N losses in high clay soils based on my ongoing corn N rate project ranging from about 100 pounds per acre in 2010 to nearly 150 pounds per acre in 2011 and 80-100 pounds per acre in 2013. This spring, I established two multi-treatment corn N rate/side-dress N rate studies.

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ppth.chapara.friskop.1.vascular plugging corn

Goss’s Wilt and Leaf Blight of Corn (08/14/14)

Goss’s bacterial wilt and leaf blight of corn was found in northwest McHenry County last week indicating that now is a good time to start scouting for this disease.

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ppth.markell.1.patches clubroot canola

Scout for Clubroot at Swathing (08/14/14)

In the last several weeks, clubroot has been found in several fields in the NE part of the state.

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plsc.ransom.4.table 1 growing degree accumulations

Will the Corn Crop Reach Maturity Before a Killing Frost? (08/14/14)

The cool temperatures these last few mornings got me wondering about where the corn crop is in terms of development and the prospects for the rest of the season with regards to maturity and moisture levels at harvest.

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plsc.ransom.1.lodging corn

Lodging and Green Snap in Corn (08/14/14)

Recently we had storms move through parts of the state with high winds and in a few cases intense rainfall.

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plsc.kandel.1.tile installation

A Few FAQ’s about Agricultural Tile Drainage (08/14/14)

Do-it-yourself (DIY) tiling is an option that is being considered by many farmers/ landowners.

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Insects Clipping Silks in Corn (08/14/14)

Two insects have been reported clipping silks in field corn – red-headed flea beetles (Systena frontalis) and sap beetles or picnic beetles (Glischrochilus quadrisignatus).

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ent.knodel.2.soybean aphid maps

Keep Scouting for Soybean Aphids (08/14/14)

Soybean aphid infestations are spotty this year. Some fields in the Red River Valley have hot spots of aphids and have reached the economic threshold level requiring an insecticidal treatment.

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Sunflower Insect Trap Update (08/14/14)

Banded sunflower moths continue to be trapped at high numbers in IPM scout pheromone traps. However, trap captures for the migratory sunflower moth are low throughout the state.

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Two Crop & Pest Reports Left for 2014

There are two Crop and Pest Reports left for 2014!

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ent.knodel.3.2013 sunflower survey map

Red Sunflower Seed Weevils Emerged (08/06/14)

Field reports of red sunflower seed weevil (RSSW) adults are being observed in early flowering sunflowers near Bismarck at economic threshold levels and Minot (V. Chapara, NCREC).

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ent.knodel.1.lady beetle larvae

Soybean Aphid Scouting Alert (08/06/14)

Soybean aphid populations are growing fast with these moderate temperatures (high 70sF to low 80sF) and many new colonies and winged aphids are present in fields.

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