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About CNP

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The Center for Nutrition and Pregnancy (CNP) is a group of scientists and graduate students that have an overall goal of increasing healthy, productive offspring by ensuring that the optimal maternal environment and nutrition are achieved during pregnancy and lactation.

The CNP was formally approved by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education in December, 2002.

Studies are currently ongoing in a variety of species to understand: 

    • How maternal nutritional intake prior to conception impacts fertility of the dam
    • How maternal nutritional intake during pregnancy can influence the growth and development of the fetus and placenta
    • How specific nutrients, such as selenium and protein intake, impact growth and development of offspring
    • How the maternal environment impacts postnatal performance
    • How maternal nutritional intake can impact the development of the mammary gland and milk production
    • How maternal nutrition during early lactation can impact offspring performance
    • How maternal age can influence placental development
    • How maternal genotype can influence placental development
    • How singleton and multiple offspring grow and develop post-natally
    • How sex of the offspring adapt to differing maternal environments


Under the guidance of the NDSU Animal Care and Use Committee, our research projects are conducted in sheep, swine, and cattle. Our efforts are to provide the greatest care to our research animals as we learn how the maternal system can adapt to different stressors during pregnancy and lactation.



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