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Beware! Facebook Page Verification Scam

If you are a Facebook Page owner or admin, you might receive a message about the "Facebook Page Verification Program." It is touted as a new security feature, but it is NOT real. This hoax is designed to phish for your personal information.

The message will read something like:

"Dear Facebook User,

You are receiving this message to notify you about the new security feature from Facebook called "Fan Page Verification Program".

After many Fan Pages have been stolen lately leaving us no choice but Deleting them forever, we had to come up with an original solution about the Fan Page's Security..."

If you receive a message like this one, don't open any links or attachments.

Sophos has more information about this hoax in the article, Phishers try flattery with Facebook Page owners.

Bob Bertsch, Web Technology Specialist, (701) 231-7381

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Write the Right Word: Plurals of Single Letters

When you are referring to more than one of a single letter, you need to insert an apostrophe between the letter and the “s.” This rule applies whether you are using lowercase or uppercase single letters.

For example: “Mind your p’s and q’s.” Or this: “My favorite team is the Oakland A’s.”

However, do not use an apostrophe when referring to the plural of multiple letters. For example: “He learned his ABCs.” Or this: “A number of VIPs attended the company picnic.”

Ellen Crawford, information specialist, (701) 231-5391

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Bb Collaborate v12.5 is Here

Blackboard Collaborate has released version 12.5 for Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing.

This new version has the phone conferencing features we’ve been anticipating plus support for Android!

Click here to learn more about Collaborate's mobile options.

The new phone feature is a good option for someone who might be having audio issues or for someone who can't be at their computer but wants to call in to participate. With the new phone features, only new sessions will be automatically at v12.5. To switch an old session to v12.5 and make the phone option work, please contact me.

To learn more about Bb Collaborate, please click here and watch the three "Featured Demos".

To get a Bb Collaborate session setup for yourself or your unit, please contact me.

Scott Swanson, Electronic Media Specialist, (701) 231-7086

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Some Ag CMS Portlets To Be Removed

Portlets are pre-programmed, templated tools that allow you to dynamically or creatively display content in the left and right side columns, as well as above and below content in Ag CMS desktop view. In mobile Ag CMS, portlets appear below the content.

There are currently 19 portlets available on the Ag Content Management System (Ag CMS), but some of those portlets offer little or no value or are not being used. In an effort to simplify the management of portlets, our Ag CMS team will be making some portlets unavailable beginning on May 24, 2013.

Read our post, "Ag CMS Portlets To Be Made Unavailable," for a full list of the portlets being removed and more information on the process.

Bob Bertsch, Web Technology Specialist, (701) 231-7381

Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist, (701) 231-6403

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Add Multiple Photos to a Facebook Page

There's a different way to upload multiple photos to a Facebook Page (for businesses or organizations) vs. an individual Facebook profile. This 3:20 video shows you how. Upload multiple photos to your Facebook Page

Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist, (701) 241-6403

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Change Text Case in Microsoft Word

The Change Case function in Word allows you to change the text case instead of having to re-type it.

This 2:11 minute video shows you four options of how to change the text case in Word:

  • Sentence case (capitalize the first letter of the first word in a phrase)
  • lowercase
  • UPPERCASE (equates to SHOUTING. Better to use bold or apply a heading)
  • Capitalize The First Letter of Each Word

Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist (701) 241-6043

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Practice Email Effectiveness

The NDSU Center for Writers recently offered a workshop on email effectiveness. Here are some things they suggested to keep in mind when writing an email.

WHO you are emailing:

  • Keep in mind the relationship status. The tone of your email probably would be different if you're writing it to a co-workers rather than to your boss or to a large email list. Think about the personal vs. professional tone.
  • Consider who needs to know. Target emails only to the people who need the information. Copy people who should be in the loop.

WHAT you are emailing:

  • Know what to email. If the topic is a serious or emotional issue, email probably is not the most appropriate communication medium. Question if your message is appropriate for email. If not, consider alternatives: phone, text or letter.
  • Use proper tone and clarity.
  • Remember the lack of privacy. Be careful of what’s in writing since it can be forwarded and archived. Your message is permanent.
  • Write a specific and precise subject line. Convey what the message is about.
  • Type "no reply needed" in the subject line to eliminate unnecessary replies.

 WHEN you are emailing:

  • Consider the time of day/night you're sending. Program Outlook to have your email sent during business hours.
  • Pause to think and proofread before sending.

 WHY you are emailing:

  • Making a request. Is it a reasonable request?
  • Make replies. Aim for a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Acknowledge receiving an email so the sender doesn't wonder.

Linda McCaw, Administrative Secretary, (701) 231-7881

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Blackboard Collaborate Replacing Wimba

Last May, ITS announced that Wimba would be phased out and replaced with Blackboard Collaborate, which is a more robust tool for online instruction and virtual meetings. Blackboard will not deploy any updates to Wimba, and ITS Instructional Services will support use of Wimba only through summer 2013. That does not mean you have to stop using Wimba this summer, but it would be a good idea to start phasing it out and begin using Collaborate.

Wimba archives still will be accessible for a while, but if you will need your Wimba archive for the long term, contact me to get it downloaded. Wimba archives are not compatible with the Blackboard Collaborate system.

Many staff already are using Bb Collaborate, and responses to the change have been very positive.

Contact me to get a Bb Collaborate session setup for yourself or your unit.

Scott Swanson, Electronic Media Specialist, (701) 231-7086

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Windows XP Support Ends July 1

Windows XP will not be supported by ITS Desktop Support after July 1, 2013. The following is an excerpt from an ITS Web page.

  • Windows XP machines will continue to work on campus after July 1. Internet, email, MS Office, etc. will continue to function. Future updates of software/hardware/printers may not include options for Windows XP.
  • The ITS Desktop Support team will continue full support of Windows XP until July 1, 2013. 
  • Microsoft has announced that extended support will be maintained through April 8, 2014. Microsoft Mainstream support for XP ended April 2009.
  • Full migration to Windows 7 will be done through both re-imaging of newer computers and the retirement of older hardware over time.

We would be happy to schedule and work with anyone who has Windows XP on a supported computer to possibly upgrade to Windows 7. We also would offer some extended support for folks who may be getting new equipment after July 1 and assist them with the transition to Windows 7.

Jon Fry, Desktop Support Specialist; ITS Help Desk, (701) 231-8685

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Effective PowerPoint Presentations

AES PPT Template

It should tell you something if you see people squinting trying to read all the copy on your PowerPoint slides. You are the main focus, so think of your PowerPoint file as your assistant. The PowerPoint file will take over the audience if all of what you say is on the slides. The use of key words or phrases can be very effective. Choosing the right font size also is important. Learn more from the top 10 design tips for PowerPoint.

Rich Mattern, Information Specialist, (701) 231-6136

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